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change your life journalLooking for an intentional life tune-up, have the middle- life happiness dip, struggling with empty nest, depression, life changes? You need this comprehensive guided journal to help you create a happy, healthy, truly successful life.

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Seeing Beauty book cover pic

Best bang for your buck. 150 pages packed with poems.







stamp collection

My most popular book. 35 unique poems all inspired by postage stamps. Full color pics of stamps will inspire you too.





Stamp Collection II cover photo The second collection of stamp-poems. This collection alternates between Vintage and modern “forever” stamps. It also has added commentary for each poem.





a study in frost

Guaranteed to make you a fan of the phenomenon of frost.




rain rain please stay


Fellow fans of rain or if you want to appreciate the wet stuff.



play of sunlight

A beautiful set of poems celebrating all slants of light.



Nature series chapter books are often purchased together. They make a lovely set celebrating all seasons.

tiny poems

You’ll love this little gem! Tiny price makes it easy to gift.




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