Change Your Life Journal

change your life journal Working through this comprehensive guided journal is possibly the best thing you can do for yourself and your relationships.

The Change Your Life Journal offers 57 areas of focus to explore, learn, grow, and master.
This guide uses:
the introspective power of journaling,
the effectiveness of intention setting,
and culminating chapter poetry as mentors.

Learn to use:
your intuition,
your reasoning,
your mind/body/spirit connectiveness,
and make values-based decisions
with practical, doable, easy to understand tools.

With dedication and the help of the Change Your Life Journal,
loving relationships,
and true success
are attainable.

Whether you use the Change Your Life Journal to:
combat depression,
make a hard decision,
improve your relationships,
or as a life tune-up,
you will be delighted with the results!

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Help others by spreading the word about this important guide.  I truly believe, the more people who work through this journal, the better and better our world will become.
It all starts with you.  -Dawn