Build Your Energy

Another “friend of the earth” stamp produced an unexpected poem. Maybe it is because I have been writing stamp-poems early in the morning. The morning is when we are most in love; grateful that another day has dawned; waking up next to someone with whom to share it.  Enjoy the poem and do mind your footprint on our precious earth.

P.S. Feel free to comment with the “fine little things” that energize you.

Build Your Energy

Conserve your energy
for the big things.
Build your energy with
the fine little things
a good morning kiss,
a sink of warm bubbly wash water,
a favorite song on the radio,
a blue sky day with no agenda,
and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
thoughtfully made for you by your Love.

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Maintain Tire Pressure

My process for stamp prompts is to photograph all poetry month‘s 30 stamps at once and email them to myself numbered. Three weeks ago when I snapped a pic of this stamp, I assumed it would elicited a “friend of the earth” poem, but it didn’t. The poem came out a preachy, yet, very important lesson. Take this poem to heart my dears.

Maintain Tire Pressure

When your ready to blow
take a deep breath,
kick into reason,
choose your words and actions
It is better to be reconciled
than to be right
because everything in life
is relationship.
So, green up your temper
and maintain tire pressure
at all times.

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But Ter Fly

Poetry writing month day 18. One of the things I love about using postage stamps as poetry prompts is the wide variety of poems that churn out. Today’s poem came out rhymey and sing songy. Tap your foot when you read it. Then, go fill the bird feeder and plan a butterfly  garden. Enjoy!

But ter fly

But ter fly
But ter fly
Tur key vul tur
Tur key vul tur
Vam pire bat.
Grass hop per
Grass hop per
Chick a dee with a black cap.
All things winged
Fill our skies
Flitter, glider
or soaring high.
Preditor or prey
Sing or squawk,
they complete the web of life
without a second thought.

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Moosing Around

We are on the back side of poetry writing month so time for a bit of whimsy. This curious moose stamp made me smile. Hope the poem to match it makes you smile too and helps release you from the image-focused selfie culture.

Moosing Around

Moosing around
Swamp donkey ways
Lumbering through the woods
Sucking up marshy grass and lily leaves.
Not vain with her long face, back hump
and wide hooves.
Just being her moose self
Doing her moose thing
Enjoying the weather
No matter the weather
Whether or not anyone notices.

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Talking Pictures

Today’s poetry writing month stamp is an older one commemorating the anniversary of motion pictures. Movies, news, television shows, YouTube videos have grown and changed. This stamp-poem has us pause and think about our viewing choices and how they might affect us.

Talking pictures stamp pic
Talking Pictures

Talking pictures
A way to entertain
Influence culture,
fashion, morality.

A movie is a little experience.
Do they affect our psyche?
Are we traumatized by
movie trauma, news trauma?
Are we desensitized?
Are we inspired to action
or the inaction of couch time?

Like food we put into our bodies,
there are healthy shows to ingest
and ones that
skew our romantic expectations,
justify our biases,
fuel or worries and depression,
uplift and gift us with happy laughter.

So, eat your veggies,
walk in nature,
be grateful,
and choose your viewage wisely.

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Power of Water

We are still in the belly of the snow storm amidst drifts and sideways streaming fat flakes. Predicting 10-15 inches (25-38 cm). Today’s poetry writing month stamp-poem came up as the power of water. What makes our planet hospitable to life (even in a storm) is water. Enjoy the poem and drink a tall cool glass!

Power of Water

Power of water
David and Goliath
Water carving rock
Persistence and repetition
over and over and over
until the canyon is Grand.

Power of water
to nourish
Fields of wheat
Great forests of Douglas fir
Delicate maiden hair ferns
Salamanders in a shallow pool.

Power of water
to inspire
Awe of a placid lake
A mirror of shore trees.
Peace of rolling ocean
green wave after wave.
Roar of waterfall
suspended then crashing
in a white conflagration.

Power of water
to cycle
Salt to fresh
Mist, dew, rain, sleet, snow,
hoar frost, Ice
Spring, summer, clouds,
fall, ocean, lakes, pond,
flowing river, winter.

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Gotta Love Winter

Well, the tea party is cancelled due to a two day snow storm. Winter is a feisty thing here in Wisconsin. But, the perfect stamp came up for day 14 of poetry writing month – a winter scene. A winter poem ensued. Enjoy the poem and the last blast (maybe) of winter 2018.

Gotta Love Winter

Gotta love winter
if you live in Wisconsin
and other parts north.
The boomerang season
Winter has to be dragged out
out by his feet
kicking and blowing
in a tantrum of snow, hail
and temperatures on a rubberband
that snap back squall after squall.

Christmas isn’t just a day
it’s a four darn months.
Northern folk
make the best of it though
Snowshoes, hot toddies,
and a good card game
over venison soup.

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