Nestle in my dears

Nestle in my dears

Like a buffalo
the profile of the house
faces into the wind pulsing
across the fields
carrying needles of ice
flying like arrows
shot down from castle walls.

The forward windows
are crusted with sleet
giving the view a surreal blur
as if it were an impressionistic painting.

It is February
and winter is not dead
so put away your seed catalogues
and make a cup of hot chocolate
better yet make it gingerbread hot cocoa
with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves
and a few teaspoonfuls of molasses.

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Just Moon and I

A fun little ditty written in my head on my ride home from work last night. See if you can catch the song reference at the beginning. Enjoy the poem.

Just moon and I

Just moon and I
sharing the ride together.
He with his chest puffed out
all proud and bright.
Me with my Stormy Kromer hat
and warm puffy jacket.

Moon keeps pace with me.
First watching over me
at my shoulder,
then looking me right in the face

He can’t always take care of me.
When he wanes, I am on my own.
But tonight,
it is just us
on my long, cold commute
humming and forming poems.

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Be Love

A swirling of words in my head came together in this poem.  The “Be love” mantra helped not sweat the unimportant stuff today. After all, love really is all that matters. The mandala to go with the poem is love growing and radiating out.

Be Love

Find what happiness is.
Find it in the quiet moments,
the simple things,
in what money cannot possibly buy.
Find it in love.

There is no fairness or justice,
only love.

To be loved,
you must be love-able.

Be love.
Being love,
is happiness.

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“You Deserve”

Notice how often you read and hear “you deserve.” So much so, it has become an advertising necessity to declare we deserve what someone is selling. Maybe our epidemic of depression is because we have come to believe we deserve carte blanche taking away our power and ambition to go out and earn our deserving. Here’s the poem.

“You Deserve”

We hear it everywhere
“you deserve….”
We deserve to have stuff,
we deserve to eat,
we deserve freedom,
we deserve to be equal and better,
we deserve to be included,
we deserve to have leisure,
we deserve to be privileged
no matter our contribution.

What do we really deserve?
Doesn’t it depend on what we have earned?
Not just by being born
but by our actions?
What does it take
for us to begin to deserve life?
The precious gift of life.

Every day earn
that day of life
by hard work,
generosity of heart,
and gratefulness.
For we are all privileged
to be alive!

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Many Meanings of Darkness

This poem was inspired by my friend and fellow writer/presenter/bloger/adventurer Jalene Case. Feel free to comment on this post any other meanings of darkness. Breathe in this poem my dears. -Dawn

Many meanings of darkness

Renewal of sleep
where you meet your shadows.
Dark is deep, thick and rich
as liquid chocolate.
Swim through dreams
trying on possibilities.
Work through worry
letting it bubble up
so that daylight
may disperse it.

Dark depths in the murk
Wallow until up
is your obvious choice
when you’re ready to let go
and rise.

Death and fragility
hit close
Witness loved ones
decline and pass
Sadness, loss, regret
Bits of darkness
stay with you
making life more precious,
making memories more vivid
and moments of gratefulness
come easier.

Hormone and body changes
Struggle with mood
Decreased coping
Easily stressed
Unreasonable emotions.
Ready for a shift.
Ready for the light to come back
New light, new self-love
New realization of your talents
and the gift of those who love you.

In the darkness,
we discover
our true friends
those who listen,
those who do not fear
our dark time
but hold a space for us,
keep a candle lit for us.

the absence of light
yet all the colors
are still there
only our sense of sight
cannot see them.
A time of intuition,
of listening,
of being in your heart.

Darkness before
the phoenix rises,
before the butterfly
emerges, before
we hatch into our new form
be it life in a failing body
or without a loved one
or in a new stage of life.

Only in the darkness
can you see the stars.

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Flow of Love

This poem was inspired as an answer to a Facebook post of someone saying that love was stuck inside them building up. Love needs to flow and the only barrier to that flow, is within ourselves.

Notice how the mandala informs the poem. Enjoy the poem and the mandala whose border I traced from a vintage candy dish.

Flow of love

Give to receive.
See through your skin
to really see others.
The happiest people
are those who love unconditionally,
who listen,
who give of themselves
and thus receive the gifts
of love
of connection
of being valuable
back to them double-fold.

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Year of Softness

Here is 2018’s New Year’s poem. At a time of so much creating separation, aggressive culture, and entitlement, what we need is softness.  Breathe in this poem.

Year of softness
New Year 2018

Year of softness,
softness of heart
and softness of home.
A plush bed
to snuggle deep in love,
a plush heart
that sees the world
through curiosity,
compassion, and humility
before fear
and without entitlement.

With softness,
we are observers of change
letting change flow to
and around us.
Letting our losses
open a space
for what we did not know
we wanted.

Softness blurs edges,
making the world
one seamless work of art,
an interdependent web,
a cycle,
a Ferris wheel we ride
together sharing the views.

It is softness,
it is love that cushions the ride
smoothing out the bumps
over the distances of life’s turnings
always knowing the next corner
may bring a mountain-top vista
where we relish our integral part
of the grand whole.

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