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From innocence
comes intuition

Is that true?
Does experience cloud intuition?
Is the pure heart
the best barometer
or is a muddied heart
the more discerning predictor?

Maybe it’s the thinking mind
that gets in the way of divination.
Our heads talk us out of our instincts,
we hear our grade school teachers
and Sunday school preacher’s
prejudices and rules overriding
the ancient knowledge in our guts.

Maybe our DNA has the knowledge
of our ancestor’s residually attached.
The hard lessons of our lineage
are our sixth sense,
a sense accessible if we listen.

Notice those flutterings in your belly
and when the small hairs
on your neck stand up.
Notice that tingling,
those little shivers
in your body
or when your feet don’t want to go
where they are told.
quiet the mind and listen.

Intuition may indeed come from innocence,
innocence of the mind coupled with
the ancient wisdom of the body.

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The sick raccoon
with faded colors
didn’t benefit from Gideon’s bible
or the Jehovah’s that stopped by
yesterday to save our souls.

He wasn’t wearing his mask
when he stumbled into the trap
and his belly suffered from the mange
in his fur coat.

Josey says “buzzards gotta eat
same as worms,”
but they won’t eat poor Rocky.

Yet, he wasn’t ready to die
because death is not a thing
for a raccoon.
It’s just the way of nature.
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

He is now becoming earth
sinking into the spring mud
from which he came.

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Sense of Identity

Scotland 2014 288
Sense of identity

What is uncompromisable?
Is style part of your fabric
or can it flow like a rock filled stream?
Can you adapt to a new country,
re-birthing as if you are a native?
Can you ride the dark horse
and be unafraid and fulfilled
or run with the bulls
when you don’t believe
in testing the protections of a dead saint?

Maybe style and culture can shift
but values,
your core beliefs.
Ask yourself,
what is important to me?
what is uncompromisable?

These are your bones
that hold up the soft flesh,
your steel girders
that leave no gaps unbridged,
they are the beacons
to guide you through the storm
and your true you,
your sense of self.
Values are what is left
when all else washes away,
they are what you take with you
when you die
they will say:
he was a good friend,
a loving father,
a neighbor you could depend on.

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To Ben on his 2nd birthday from Super Gram on her 100th birthday

Today is my Grandmother’s 100th birthday. My nephew, Ben, turned two on Thursday. Instead of Great Grandmother (which sounds too old to Grandma) the great grandkids call her Super Gram. Being the oldest grandchild, I have watch Grandma change and soften over the years. Here’s the poem.
to ben from super gram
To Ben on his 2nd birthday
From Super Gram on her 100th birthday
January 2015
by Dawn Anderson

You will live many lives in your long life.
Enjoy each phase.
Like your sister,
love your kid life.
Roll in the leaves with friends,
ride your bike around the school yard,
get cupcake frosting on your nose,
and build Brio train tracks
all over the living room floor.

Savor your teen life.
Lifting in the weight room,
practicing crossovers on your hockey stakes,
driving your first car on the ice,
and stocking shelves at the IGA
to earn money to take a pretty girl
to the prom.

Grow into a good citizen,
a kind, thoughtful, loving man,
friend, son, husband, father or uncle.
Grow into a hard-working earner
or entrepreneur.
Be a creator of community and good will.
Find a productive art
whether it is painting, wood working,
writing, or spreadsheets.

Over my 100 years,
I have collected a library’s worth
of knowledge and experiences
but what I treasure the most,
what I have pared my life down to,
is family.
Surround yourself with good, supportive people.
And, remember this Ben,
above all,
is about love!

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Trust the ride

Trust the ride
Trust the ride
inspired by Ethan Heil

Fast snow
Pure Michigan
First time
Long ride
Pondering life
as the trail
pitches and rolls me.
Too fast at times
Lost at times
Beautiful snowful trees
Lake Superior
Stretching out like
an ocean of possibilities.

This I know…
trust the ride and
lean into the curves.
Sometimes you have to suffer
the bumps to get to
the smooth trail,
slow down on the
prettiest parts of the trail
and choose wisely
who you ride with.

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The night of Dawn

the night of dawn
The night of Dawn

The garage door rolled open
like a red carpet
greeting me,
Arms open
welcoming me
as if the day
was made new.
And in that moment,
after 5 pm
a new day did dawn.

An evening sunrise
enfolded us in a long kiss,
a kiss melting away
the mean world,
a kiss a portal
to a warm world,
a warm shared world,
warm shared meal
warm shared fire,
warm shared hearts,
warm shared bodies,
warm shared promises,
A settling in,
finding that
comfortable spot,
a crossroads where
two separate lives
converge and
synchronize onto
the same path,
a path to a new day,
the path home.

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Merry Christmas surprise

Merry Christmas my dears. Surprise!  The first of two poetry books is available on titled “Seeing the beauty in everyday things.”

In this coming new year, bring happy poetry into your life. Dream, do, forgive, love yourself and others, and live your juicy life!

Your favorite happy poet,



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