Workshops & Readings

Workshops, readings, & inspirational speaking engagements

In this fast-paced, ever-changing wonderful world in which we live, we all need a way to process, to focus, to align our hearts and heads. We need a tool to cut through the chatter and figure out what we really want. We need a way to lead us to happiness and fulfillment and help us create loving relationships. That tool is poetry.

Poetry taps many parts of our brain at once in both our emotion centers and rational/thinking centers. We can see the words (visual) and hear our words (auditory) and make associations between the tangible world, the inner world, and the spiritual world. Because poetry has no rules to distract us, it is the perfect vehicle for processing.

Join me at one of my scheduled online or face-to-face workshops or invite me to facilitate at your organization, club, retreat center, event, or friends group.

Dawn Anderson – CreatetheDawn – Poetry Resume

Contact me here to schedule a workshop, reading, or speaking engagement:



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