Call for Postage Stamps

Cuban stamp from KalaMy friend Kala sent me this photo of an old Cuban stamp she found in an antique dictionary that was owned by a military captain.

She inspired me to use stamps from all over the world as poetry prompts during April poetry writing month.

I’d like all of you to participate. If you have a cool stamp from your country or a country you visited, leave a comment on this page or email me: createthedawn AT gmail DOT com.  I will mention you on the page your stamp appears (unless you’d prefer to remain anonymous) when I post & publish the poem your stamp inspires.

This will be fun. It is a cool feeling to put the control of prompts in your hands instead of me choosing the stamps.

Looking forward to seeing your stamps!

-Dawn, CreatetheDawn

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Slim Moon of Lent

I haven’t practice giving up something for the month of Lent since I was a kid. This year Lent seemed like a good way slim down by resisting refined sugar. I make the no sugar pledge to myself often with very little success. But, somehow, after a week of my Lenten pledge, it is working. It has indeed become a spiritual practice to pass on the splurge of sugary desserts. This and the slim moon got me thinking…(thinking in poems)…

Slim Moon of Lent

Slim is the moon
curved and slim
on his diet of snow.

In the fields, deer rely
on their summer tallow
digging for buried beans
left from harvest.

Lent a slim season,
a season of fasting
spanning the turn
of deepest winter
to the onset
of the slow melt.

The larders of old
were starting to bare.
Fasting a rationing
to stretch stocks
until the fresh green
of spring.

And we
practice sacrifice
in our world of plenty
to not forget.

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Stamp Collection II finally available

Stamp Collection II cover photoFor the last two years of Na/GloPoWriMo (National/Global poetry writing month), I have used postage stamps as daily writing prompts. Finally, the book from last year’s stamp-poem collection is done and published. It is titled, of course, Stamp Collection II – More Poems Inspired by Postage Stamps.

In addition to the stamp-poems, this book has my commentary for each poem. Also, it alternates between vintage poems and modern “forever” stamps which makes for an interesting mix of themes.  I dug out my childhood stamp collection to get the vintage stamps. The cover photo shows two of my old mint sets (a mint set contains all the stamps issued by the US Postal Service for a specific year.)

If you want a copy of the book, click on the cover photo or links.

stamp collectionIf you missed the first book, Stamp Collection, and want a copy, click on its cover photo or title link. I love this book. The poems are so varied. It has one of my favorite poems “Santa is Real.”

April, poetry writing month 2019 is fast approaching. This year the prompts will be World Stamps. If you’d like to contribute an international stamp for the book, leave a comment on this page or email me: createthedawn AT gmail DOT com. I will mention you on the page your stamp appears (unless you’d prefer to remain anonymous) when I publish the stamp-poems.


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Ekphrastic Poem

My friend Amber Chand is a talented and intuitive painter and retreat leader. Amber posted this painting on Facebook asking “What has she come to reveal?” The painting and the question stimulated a poem. What mask do you show the world?
Ekphrastic poem - Amber Chand paintingBehind Our Mask

Face is the mask
we show the world
with truth peeking through.
A woman with dark thoughts
and dark words dripping from her lips.
She is blinking and blinking
trying to see her way clearly
but the dark thoughts keep
clouding her vision.
There is hope in her blue blood,
the values of her upbringing,
the lessons she learned
from mother and grandmother.
To see through the darkness
she must shine bright the forgotten light,
the light of childhood love and discovery.


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Podcast Interview

A friend told me I was “inspiring” on this podcast. What an honor to be a guest on the podcast “Live at Dalys.”  Take a listen to learn about my life, my poetry, and my philosophies.  Big thank you to Podcaster Brian Kowalski.

Here’s the link to interview on Soundcloud. Also available on iTunes.

Live at Dalys Podcast with guest Dawn Anderson

Image may contain: Dawn Anderson, smiling, sitting, indoor and closeup
Photo of Dawn by Brian Kowalski taken at Daly’s restaurant.

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Feats of Snow

The snow keeping coming and the snow poems keep coming. Another foot of snow yesterday. Everything is white and smooth. The wind has done its magic which inspired this poem. Enjoy!

Feats of Snow

Feats of snow
with feet of snow
coifed high
like French wigs.
Whisk whipped
into meringue sculptures.
Wind art with fine brush strokes
all done in white
reflecting the light
over a winter park
of smooth plaster
we put on our boots
and warm mittens.
Feats of snow forts,
tracks punctured
into the perfect
in a slow chase
“post hole diggin’”
on a run.
Shovels and snow fights,
rows of snow angels
in the heavenly fluff.

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Chocolate Essence

The two things coming up for me today are the healing powers of silence and Chocolate. So, I turned off the background noise of the Television and savored several pieces of chocolate. If Chocolate wasn’t so cool, I’d be embarrassed at how much of it is in our pantry. This is not my first poem about chocolate. A book of Chocolate poems is brewing, well fermenting might a better term since cacao beans are fermented. Enjoy the poem and enjoy some chocolate.

Chocolate Essence

that 3000-year-old pleasure.
Its essence contains the tropics, fire,
fermentation of time,
fat to caress the tongue and carry the flavor,
Cacao (Kakawa as the ancient Olmec coined)
to carry love and joy to the far reaches
of body
and mind.

Chocolate cherry almond,
Chili, Orange peel
the aphrodisiac of fruit.
Rose Chocolate is romance,
Cardamom Chai boosts creativity,
Lavender is tranquility,
Peppermint for energy.
Flowers and herbs and earth and sun
and Chocolate!

Let Chocolate essence sink into your awareness.
All else falls away.
Breathe and taste and savor.
A moment connecting with the rain forest,
connecting with ancient wisdom,
connecting with your wisdom,
your inner peace, your essence.


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