Saturday Snow

Finally a day at the off-grid cottage to write, read, rock and paint. To make the day even better, it snowed. Enjoy the poem.

Saturday Snow

Saturday Snow

Saturday snow
Light and quiet
A cold tingle on my fire-warmed cheeks.
Time for “London Fog”
tea with milk and lavender
sipped with a book.
Every chapter ends with a step outside
to feel the comforting chill
and witness the miracle of snow.

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Turkey Trot – Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving tradition to run or walk the Turkey Trot 5K, burning off calories before the big meal. I got to be the supporter waiting in the warm the local bar on the race route. The cold, blustery day did not deter the racers. Two poems here. One as the bar filled and one watching the trotter’s legs run by through the bar sign in the window.

Turkey Trot 2021

Turkey Trot

Blustery day
runners assemble
decked in turkey hats,
hunting colors,
and tutus
racing off calories
on this day of eating,
day of gratefulness.
Grateful for healthy bodies,
a warm local bar at race end,
for laughter, friendship
and bloody Marys. 
Happy Thanksgiving.


The Bar Fills

The bar fills
Boisterousness rises
Happy chatter
at The Chatterbox bar.
Smile, arm rubs, hugs
turkey hays lilting in greeting.
This is the North
Wisconsin North
Stormy Kromer hats,
down and fleece,
hardy and loving and real.
No fake news just people
together in our town
a Spotted Cow beer
and running on a cold Thanksgiving morning
because we are alive and grateful
and together
friends and strangers,
never really strangers.

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Dance of the Sea Anemone

A few weeks ago, I joined a belly dance class with a group of lovely ladies. We are learning a dance with flowing arm movements. Mari described us in this dance as a sea anemone which is a perfect description. Of course it had to be a poem. Enjoy the poem and celebrate your wonderful body.

Dance of the Sea Anenome

Dance of the Sea Anemone

Tide in
Tide out
Flowing arms
follow undulating luscious bodies
Rise and fall
Sea flower
Wild flower
Tribal flower.

Lucky coins
chime across
Divine hips.
We are one
in movement
and presence
in the maternal dance
of the sea anemone.

dance of the Sea Anemone

Anemone Photo by Oregon Coast Aquarium

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Hidey Holes

Where are you hidey holes? Those little spots to be quiet and content. I am sitting in one now. Snuggled under fuzzy blankies on the love seat in view of the bird feeder with Christmas music playing. Nestle in my dears.

Hidey Hole

Hidey Holes

Hidey holes
My hidey holes
Little safe spots
Feather lined
All warm and comfy
Limbs folded
Fingers cupping a mug of tea
Jaw soft
Light muted
but bright enough to read
something calm,
something true,
something wise and old.
Only sounds of nature seep in
Rain or wind
Woodpecker squawk.
A hidey hole
not to hide
but to find,
to be with me

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Nature Immersion

What a lovely experience walking the trail at the Healing Nature Center on the edge of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Forests really are healing places especially on a trail designed with little nooks and tools for contemplation and realizations and opening. Enjoy the poem.

Healing Nature Center logo sign
Nature Immersion

Nature immersion
start with wringing out unease
in the folds of labyrinth.
Scrub clean negative energy
pushing through the pine branch smudge,
shirking off your many shells.
Place an offering at the stump altar
for all is in balance,
giving is receiving.

Cross the Threshold Bridge
to begin forest bathing
over the bog
nature’s purification system.
Breathe in trees
through eyes, lungs, and ears.
Escape ruminations in presence
stepping through the Zen Untangle.
Fret is cured by creativity,
by noticing,
finding lace on the snowy ground
near the Beaver tree.

Beaver creating ecosystem
constructing borders,
building pond.
Leave behind your old story
imagine a new story.
Exit the path with a second smudge
and a perceptive shift
on the high platform Cosmorinth.

Snow lace

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Labyrinth at The Healing Nature Center

Who knew a small rural Wisconsin town had a Healing Nature Center. What a wonderful discovery for my birthday weekend. I have walked many labyrinths, each one unique in environment and experience. This labyrinth was lined with tall native wild flowers. Down load a finger labyrinth. Enjoy the poem.

Labyrinth at Healthing Nature CenterLabyrinth at The Healing Nature Center

Sleeping wild flowers
dusted with first snow
my footfalls squeak freshies
looping the ancient pattern
one path in
one path out
unicursal unbroken line
trilogy of entrance, path, center
in center I stand in four petals
for the four winds,
four seasons,
four phases of moon,
four elements
with me, spirit, the fifth.
Nature and I cohere
reaching stems and
snow-covered coneflower disks
touch my thighs
tug at my coat.
I gently move through them
with them
in and out
as the symbiotic bees visit them in summer
I adore them in winter.

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Hidden Lakes Trail

Just back from my birthday weekend trip. We choose Three Lakes Wisconsin. German influence is felt here, perfect for induction into this Winter. It was the first snow of the season with all the magic it brings. The Three Lakes area has so many lakes large and small. Wilderness these days are places with tree coverage and no cell coverage. The weekend, tree time and lake time, was a get-a-way, a reconnection with the land, those there before, and with each other. Enjoy the poem.

Hidden Lakes Trail hike

Hidden Lakes Trail
Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

Hidden Lakes Trail
in a place of shallow water
where the lakes take their time
sinking into tannin-ambered glacial pots.
Stout CCC boys of old
laboring among the mighty Hemlocks
two Dutchman and three Johns gave name
these hidden lakes
Hidden now for hikers
seeking Waldeinsamkeit,
solitude in the woods.

We seek celebratory togetherness
oneness with the ridges and lakes
and quiet does.
We seek Princess Pine
celebrating the first snow,
birthday snow,
Christmas snow,
der Scheefall.

Walk the path,
path of generations gone
two Dutchman and three Johns
their roads and stone well remain.
Walk the path of ancestors
leaving their words and spirits
quiet now
with the silent does
like shadows through the trees.

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Bonfire Circle

Again this year, I had the honor of joining a group of loving, welcoming, fun women for a bonfire evening on Halloween, Samhain. This group celebrates the feminine in many ways through reading, dancing, and gatherings like this one. This night we performed for ourselves the druid dance as seen on Outlander (but with much warmer clothes). We had belly dance performances with flaming fans. We shared garden delicious food and fire brewed tea. We talked and laughed. Our bonfire night surrounded by nature in a circle of non-judgmental women was a soul nourishing experience. Thank you wild ladies for inviting me in.

Samhain bonfire 2021
Bonfire Circle

surrounded by fire, air, earth, water, and spirit
Bonfire, fire dance
Open starlit sky
Herbs, field, woods
Dewy grass, brewed tea

Power of that circle
Gathering of charmed women
to connect with ancestors
to connect with goddess energy
to connect with each other

In a circle
we dance the ancient ritual
feminine wisdom and beauty
flowing, turning, offering, sky and ground
choreographed repetition
lead into creative, wild abandon
then rest and sustenance
gathering in our circle
as is circle of life and death.

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Frost Tea

Today is my birthday. A celebration of my life and all the lives who touch mine. In 53 years, I have never worked on my day. Today is about writing, relaxing, getting back in touch with my core self and what is important. To start this lovely day, I walked in the frosty grass in the quiet, new morning to the garden. A few hardy herbs are still going, covered in morning frost. Perfect for tea. Enjoy the poem and a cup of renewing tea with me.

Frost Tea

Frost Tea
Power of frost
force of water
to impart change.
Water crystals to channel and reflect,
amplify intentions in my tea.
Frosted herbs from my resting garden.
Sage for wisdom and long life.
Mint to relive and energize my mind.
Marjoram for happiness, bringing back happiness.
A generous stick of cinnamon for stability and warmth.
The perfect birthday tea
frost tea.

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My Old Soul

I have been doing some soul investigation, thinking, writing and even a psychic reading. Halloween, Samhaim, Day of the Dead, All Saints day, All Souls day is a good time to ponder on the soul. Here is the poem of my pondering.

My Old Soul

My Old Soul
Although we are here to care for the earth
and learn and evolve our soul,
it is not the earth to which I cling,
it is my consciousness. 
My old soul has been on the earth
and in other planes many times.
We become more aware with each incarnation.
Our experiences inform our soul’s record
yet the self does not follow. 
The sense of self
in an existence
where all is one,
is only a tool to raise us up.
Then death should not be feared.
We should not grip our toes into the planet
but lift our aspirations,
meet this life’s purpose
ever higher.
The angels are with me always
unrooted and loyal and wise. 
This is where my soul is headed
the realm of angels
to be among the wise guardian angels.

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