Winter Walk with My Senses

The best part of winter is  getting out in it. Here is a poem from my morning snowshoe walk. Enjoy!


Winter Walk with My Senses

I waited too long to catch the frost
the day had warmed
and the trees were dripping,
the white beneath the trees pockmarked
with each droplet that let go of its host.
The snow packed in my snowshoes
until I walked on platforms.

The deer have been around
digging for morsels in the field
then resting in beds in the woods.
My tracks would make easy trails for them.

An owl called
I answered
at first he was unsure of my funny talk
with long pauses between inquiries.
Each time I started crunching steps,
he’d answer.

I patiently waited then
touching the hanging drips on the low hanging branches
feeling the smooth, liquid as it flattened on my fingertip
and flowed down my finger.
I tasted the sweet, cool drips
licking the branch to release the drop
onto my waiting tongue.

Owl I persisted
speaking different dialects.
He got chattier
changing his lilt and speeding up his vowels.
Squirrels and chirpy birds flitted around me.
A red flash of cardinal flew by
as Owl and I got friendlier.

We talked for a good 40 minutes
until the hawks got curious
rimming the field edges
wings outstretched
screeching their long wonderings.

A beautiful walk on a beautiful winter day.

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Hygge for the Busy Person

Whew, what a week, a busy week at work. At one point, in the midst of a string of meetings, I looked around my office and took a moment to enjoy the relaxing “grandma” decor I have assembled in my little space. That stolen moment for me was so right putting. Just before bed that night, when the light bulb in the room went off and the light bulb in my head went on, this ‘ah-ha’ poem came to be. Enjoy!


Hygge for the Busy Person

I figured it out
hygge for the busy person
it is moments
little moments
my moments
a breath
a wink
rolling an acorn in your hand
warming it
feeling its life

we call them stolen moments
in love
and aren’t we in love with ourselves too
a stolen moment for me
a hygge moment for me

and now for some tea
and a moment noticing the falling snow.

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Year of Breath

A life and leadership coach friend of mine, Jalene Case, did a release ritual at the winter solstice a couple of weeks ago. For Lent, people give up things/habits in the days leading up to Easter. We “let go” of what no longer serves us.

Last year’s New Year poem was “Year of Evolution.” I gave up a lot during the year. So, it is no surprise that this year’s poem is about taking in, adding back, breathing in. It is the Year of Breath.

Think about what you want to add to your life this year. Enjoy the poem and Happy New Year!


Year of breath
New Year 2020

Breathe in
big and round
until your barbs lay down
and your jaw unclenches.
It is the year of breath,
a year to take in,
to add,
to open lungs and arms
busting out of our crusty pods.

Breathe in
Breathe in
Breathe in the sweet breeze
of new and green,
of fun and social.
Open to escapades,
new places and friends.
Open to quiet time,
selfish time, love time.
Breathe in you,
Beautiful, wondrous you
and all the ones who make you you.

Breathe in
to expand
to move
brain, body, spirit.
Breathe in
to lift
rich red blood
fat with life.
Yes, a year of full,
of oxygenated rippling veins,
a flush, smiling face.
Breathe in love and self and fulfillment.

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Listening out the Window and Wonderland

I stumbled across these two poems in a journal that I wrote in 2016. Thought I’d share as an announcement, a promise to make time to write again. Enjoy the poems.


Listening out the window

Stretching across the farmland
ballistic stretch
bright discharge of static.
Peke into the mystery in that flash
Rumbly bumbly
Winnie the Pooh tummy sounds.
Where am I headed?
To the red door of the mansion.
The rain will wash away
barriers and fear.

Down comes the rain
Spiders hold on tight.
Electric washboard
Clean the atmospheric energy
Clean the air
Clean the land
Clear your mind
and free your heart.



Have you ever been to Wonderland?
That immersion of curiosity
of exploration
of openness?
Wonderland has no map,
values are your only navigation.

How do I know when I have arrived?
Wonderland is not a place,
it is a journey,
a series of horizons
where you seek.
What is over the next hill?

Wonderland is a mindset, an experiment,
a remake of self
again and again.
Wonderland is discovery of talents and tastes
of experiences
both planned and stumbled into.

There are many detours and learnings
but no wrong turns.
All is information.
All steps are steps toward
the next mile marker.

How do I get to Wonderland?
Close your eyes, take a deep breath
and begin to wonder.
I wonder who I will meet today?
I wonder what my next project will be?
I wonder where love will take me?
I wonder what adventure will present to me?

Open your eyes
Take a deep breath
and notice.
All that is left to do,
is begin
is to say “yes.”

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Hands at Christmas

It is time for our annual Christmas poem. You’d think after so many years of Christmas poems, they would get repetitive but no. There seems to be endless themes and wonders to grow a poem at this heart-filled time of year. Hug someone(s) today with a wrapping your arms and hands around them, holding each other heart to heart.

Hands at Christmas
Hands at Christmas

Tis the season
of giving
giving with outstretched hands,
a welcoming handshake,
a hug and handful pat.

Tis the season to give secondhand
those treasured, preloved things
handpicked and placed under the tree.

Our hands are the tools of our heart
for cookies baked in the kitchen
in the company of friends,
for gifts created out of love and imagination
every stitch, every detail
so personal
touched by warm hands.

Our hands do the work
of charity, helping, and love
at Christmas
happy, useful hands at Christmas.

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Message from the Fairies

There are so many books in my head that need to be written and published. Oddly enough, among the historical story-poems, sciencey nature poems, and the ever popular stamp-poem books, I have a desire to write a book of fairy poems. This poem will surely end up in that someday mystical poems book. The photo is a heart-shaped, lacey green “message” on my path walking in the woods. Enjoy the poem and the thought of spiritual creatures among us.

message from the fairies

Message from the Fairies

Look a message from the fairies,
a message of love
and green.
The fairies go before me
preparing the trail.
Fairies follow behind me
smiling, coaxing
encouraging me to pause and seek
to move forward and to immerse
into the green and growing.
I am never alone in the woods
always fairies
are with me.

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Tap Tap Tap

I am getting into being back at my big, old job and finally sleeping better. Weekend sleep is still the best of course. This morning I slept in to 6:25 when a lovely tapping sound woke me. Wood peckers are so fascinating. They come to my bird feeder and make “art” out of standing dead trees. They bounce in the air when they fly and make a twerping sounds. Enjoy the poem and look for wood pecker “art” during your forest walks.


Tap Tap Tap

half asleep
tapping in my brain
tap tap tap
rousing now
tap tap tap
not my brain
tap tap tap
tap tap tap
a wood pecker
tap tap tap
too late in the season
to be calling for a mate
tap tap tap
did he find a good bug?
tap tap tap
is he carving a winter home?
tap tap tap
nature’s alarm clock
tap tap tap
is so much better than
bleep! bleep! bleep!

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