Here are links to a series of Yoga articles I wrote for a Women’s Services hospital newsletter.

De-stress with Dhirga breath

Happy Low Backs

Rest for weary eyes

Quick energy boost

Half Moon wake-up

Wonders of Plank

Downward Dog – the Rejuvenator


Yoga instructing:

Mondays 6-8 pm:  June 18-August 27 (no class on July 2nd)
through Stratford Continuing Education
at Edgar high school


Yoga poem:

Life giving force
Yoga breath
Breath connects to Heart
Heart connects to Mind
Mind connects to Soul
Soul connects to Breath

Inhale nourishing oxygen
Exhale waste carbon dioxide

Inhale energy
Exhale relaxation

Inhale refresh
Exhale calm

Inhale dreams
Exhale actions

Inhale beauty
Exhale love

Inhale intuition
Exhale knowing


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