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Day four Poetry writing month. A photo from yesterday’s nature walk. I love rubbing the fluffy things of spring between my fingers. Pussy-willow catkins, thistledown, and cattail fluff. Fluff may seem insignificant but as we know, it’s the little things…. … Continue reading

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Sense of Identity

Sense of identity What is uncompromisable? Is style part of your fabric or can it flow like a rock filled stream? Can you adapt to a new country, re-birthing as if you are a native? Can you ride the dark … Continue reading

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The Introspection of Fall

The introspection of fall Inspired by Todd Richardson The colors of dying vibrant orange, yellow, red. Leaves a blaze of glory in celebration of life full-circle. Humble pride and then the fall, falling to earth, returning to soil whence we … Continue reading

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Incongruence Rain and 55⁰ in the desert My body feels the cool dampness, the penetrating chill, smells the familiar moist air of Oregon rain, but when I open my eyes there stands the Tucson desert cactus I have been admiring … Continue reading

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