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Travel the Universe

Day 1 of 2019 Poetry Writing month (NaPoWriMo).  This is my third round of stamp-poems, using postage stamps as poetry prompts. This round is World Stamps. First up is a stamp from my long time, dear friend Kala Lenn. Kala … Continue reading

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Love Stacked

6th poem of National/Global Poetry Writing Month. I am doing another Stamp Collection of poems inspired by postage stamps again this year with an added twist of alternating between old and new stamps. Today’s stamp is from the ’70s. Free … Continue reading

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Moon lessons

Moon lessons Nodding moon winking at me through cloud holes like downcast eyes at a funeral, eye lashes wet with longing in the dark of forgotten day hope is the guiding star watching over the sagging moon, watching over my … Continue reading

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The Universe loves love

The Universe loves love The universe loves love, fairly drips with the stuff. Courting birds, and blooming flowers and rutting bucks, and private shady spots to picnic with your sweetie. Lead with your heart’s swell and let love puddle out … Continue reading

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Thinking about Larry

My uncle Larry died yesterday. I got the news tonight and wrote this poem inspired by his quiet kind of love.  His wife, my aunt Carol, who is referenced in the poem died less than four years ago.  She is … Continue reading

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Darkness moves

Darkness moves The darkness moves. Pinpoints of black swarming in waves like chimney swifts, like thousands of krill moving as one body, one flowing mass. Darkness vibrates. Forms materialize out of the creaking walls and thumping street sounds. A cat … Continue reading

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It is great hanging out in the Boston area with the beautiful autumn leaves, places full of memories, and long talks with my spiritual, soul friend for life.  You will see by today’s poem that I am benefiting from her … Continue reading

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