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Tiny Poem: Trees

Experimenting with tiny poems and prepping some tree poems for the continuation of my “Nature series” chapter books. Tiny poem: Trees Trees are wonder Trees of star light Trees our parents shade, shelter, heat and peace   Advertisements

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It is a good day

It is a good day Poured myself a stemmed glass of lime sparkling water, turned on the ceiling fans, and opened the windows to let the pollen come in And the bird song squawks, twerbles and melodic little tunes and … Continue reading

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Dreary Day

Dreary day I love a dreary day, the muted trees sketched in charcoal against the blank canvas sky Nearer our window than those hoppy blue skies. Today’s sky is soft, watered-down white, shrink wrapped around our country house like a … Continue reading

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Tap Root

Tap root 6/20/2015 for Father’s Day with the whole family together to celebrate When we burst forth from the womb, we sink it down into the homestead of our grandfathers A new umbilical cord Connection to the bones of old … Continue reading

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The Introspection of Fall

The introspection of fall Inspired by Todd Richardson The colors of dying vibrant orange, yellow, red. Leaves a blaze of glory in celebration of life full-circle. Humble pride and then the fall, falling to earth, returning to soil whence we … Continue reading

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The Long Trek home

The long trek home from Oregon to Wisconsin The little ’96 Honda purring down the road through the deep green gorge of Oregon glancing at kite surfers who flip over white caps as the windmill dotted cliffs look down. through … Continue reading

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Outdoor Oregon

As I prepare myself to move out of Oregon, I am noticing even more the outdoor gifts and beauty of Oregon. This poem was inspired by seeing a Coopers Hawk circling and surveying grass fields for prey. Outdoor Oregon Birds … Continue reading

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