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Solstice Energy for Love

I did some research on solstice knowing I wanted to celebrate it; celebrate a nature holiday. Nature has been such a comfort this year and again today, the longest day of the year, nature did not disappoint. Several hours after … Continue reading

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Father’s Day on the Summer Solstice

Father’s day is very important to me as it is to all who are/were fortunate enough to have a good and loving Dad. I see so much of him in me. We have an understanding, a deeper knowing because of … Continue reading

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Winter Soulstice

This poem was inspired by a post from a friend who had a year of loss and is now celebrating the return of the light. I hope the poem speaks to you and your soul work too. Winter Soulstice Embrace … Continue reading

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Today is the day

The solstice (yesterday) is the shortest day of light of the year. So, today is the rebirth of the light. A day of awareness and gratefulness and forgiveness and renewal. This poem came out of my thoughts on this day … Continue reading

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