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Lake Tahoe, Commercialized

There is fun in the consumer options near a beautiful place like Lake Tahoe. I enjoyed the spa, art galleries and a nice dinner out (and skiing). Still the commercialism of a natural place struck me in this poem. Lake … Continue reading

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Blue Columbine Flower of Colorado

Finally ran into a stamp where the poem didn’t just flow out. It is probably because I have not had the pleasure of going to Colorado. Never daunted, though, a little research and a lot of admiration for wild flowers … Continue reading

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Summit Sculptures

Frosted Summit Mt. Bachelor Oregon Summit sculptures by the gnarled hands of the winter warlock. Crusted trees unrecognizable. White coral against a Crater Lake blue sky. Like growing crystals of frosted rock-candy. Plumes of purest white billow in stop-action. Tempura … Continue reading

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