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Nature Sounds

Do you ever sit outside with eyes closed and just listen. We feast so much with our eyes that we forget we can “see” with our ears as well. Here’s the poem from my listening feast. Nature Sounds Close my … Continue reading

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Wine in the Wilderness

Last night we had a summer storm that lasted about 20 minutes. We quickly drove to the cottage, Chris is fertilize the field and me to finish my glass of wine sitting on the porch to immerse. Lovely. Here is … Continue reading

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Midnight Wind

Sometimes waking up in the night is so wonderful. The stars, the lightning bugs, the moon, the sky…wow. This poem comes from a wind whipped wake up. Enjoy the poem and embrace those little wake-ups. Midnight Wind Midnight windhorsetail tree … Continue reading

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Restful Day

It was my favorite weather yesterday, cool, clouds with some relaxing sprinkles. Perfect to rest and recharge. Enjoy. Restful Day Listening to the rain tap on the saw-tooth oak leaves. Soft dapples of sound surround. The white sky so perfect, … Continue reading

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Full Flower Moon

This tea wisdom inspired a poem on the full moon, the full Flower Moon of May. Last year, I put together a protection pouch for my car. It came in handy last weekend when my car was stolen and promptly … Continue reading

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What if We Spoke in Birdsong?

I held off this poem every time the Rose-breasted Grosbeak sang through my window today because I was busy. The poem was worth the wait and a good reflection on my intent busyness. Enjoy! What if We Spoke in Birdsong? … Continue reading

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Wood Fired Sauna on Retreat

In posting all the poems written on retreat, I can see my progress of relaxing and coming back to myself. In this poem, I even show up by name. There is a reason sauna have been around for centuries. Enjoy … Continue reading

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Skylight Spring Morning

The next several poems came to be at The Christine Center on a Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda retreat with Andrea Russell. This poem came from our morning meditating lying down looking up at a beautiful skylight right above me. There were … Continue reading

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Grounding Vibration Bowl

If you have never tried sound therapy, give it a whirl. We are mostly water so our body, mind, and spirit responds to ripples of tuned sound. Pictured here I am standing in a “grounding bowl” after a sound therapy … Continue reading

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Tea in the Labyrinth

Sneaking in posting my second Sugar Creek Labyrinth poem before work. Need to catch-up on Poetry writing month. Enjoy the poem my loves. Tea in the Labyrinth Every day the labyrinthbrings more calm.Warm tea mug in my handsas I loop … Continue reading

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