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Nature Sounds

Do you ever sit outside with eyes closed and just listen. We feast so much with our eyes that we forget we can “see” with our ears as well. Here’s the poem from my listening feast. Nature Sounds Close my … Continue reading

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Midnight Wind

Sometimes waking up in the night is so wonderful. The stars, the lightning bugs, the moon, the sky…wow. This poem comes from a wind whipped wake up. Enjoy the poem and embrace those little wake-ups. Midnight Wind Midnight windhorsetail tree … Continue reading

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Spirit Animal Bear

This little stone bear randomly came with a book on Spirit Animals. It didn’t seem like bear was right for me until I read its meaning. My primary fear has always been a security fear. The bear is my protector. … Continue reading

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So In Love

Being immersed in nature has such a calming and healing affect. You can tell by this nature love poem that my Yoga, Mediation, Ayurveda retreat was working. Enjoy the poems. So In Love The red-wing blackbirdsare so in loveso in … Continue reading

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Basketful of Ramps

Early spring means wild onions, ramps, popping up in the woods. What to make with ramps? Sauces, pesto, salad dressing, salads, and ramp butter. They taste like garlic with a bit of sweet onion. Enjoy the poem and some ramps … Continue reading

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Balance Consume and Create

April is National/Global Poetry writing month. I am a day behind but will catch up soon. The theme this year is Spirit Poems. Balance is healthy in so many ways. Happiness comes from, in part, our conditions in life but … Continue reading

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Egg of Spring

This poem was inspired by the symbols of spring and the Vernal Equinox and the celebration of Easter and Ostara. “Vernal” is derived from the Latin word for “bloom.” So spring can be encapsulated in the word bloom. Is blooming … Continue reading

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COVID Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas to you and yours and to the little good things that come out of bad things like a global pandemic. Love and Joy, Dawn COVID Christmas 2020 A new kind of Christmas.We talk to Grandma on the phoneinstead … Continue reading

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Magic Brew

During that hand-off between autumn and winter, it is often a damp cold. This seems the coldest of colds as it penetrates into your own body-water. A wet cold day is perfect for a mug of hot tea or even … Continue reading

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Ancestors in Flight

You can feel the charge of the season hand-off from bursting autumn to wise winter. I am getting excited for Halloween, Samhain, all hallows eve when we can reconnect with our ancestors during the in-between of the hand-off. What can … Continue reading

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