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Psychology of a Walnut Shell

Poetry writing month, Self-Care, Self-Calm theme as part of the collective whole during Coronavirus. Yesterday’s poem had us appreciating the little things. Today, let’s do something fun with one of those little things. I will let you do the psychological … Continue reading

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In Defense of Weeds

This poem is disjointed because I started it in 2013 in my small yard garden and finished it yesterday, 2019, looking at an acre yard we used to mow that is now beautiful prairie lawn. The poem is rambling and … Continue reading

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Home is Always Home

Day 27 NaPoWriMo. Russia, Российская Федерация, the USSR, Soviet Union, CCCP, the Iron Curtain. This country by any name is still remembered fondly by Victoria who grew up there. Victoria and I worked together at the library. She told me … Continue reading

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Winter Soulstice

This poem was inspired by a post from a friend who had a year of loss and is now celebrating the return of the light. I hope the poem speaks to you and your soul work too. Winter Soulstice Embrace … Continue reading

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Writing helps me process change and transition. Initiating a move from Oregon back home to Wisconsin has expanded me and attracted new experiences, perspectives and amazing people into my growing sphere. Here is a poem that helped me notice, process … Continue reading

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