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You Never Know Who’s Eating Your Clover

A fun one. Last weekend I watched a porcupine climb down from a tree and scamper over to eat the clover in a food plot planted for the deer. There are some deeper meanings in this metaphor I am sure, … Continue reading

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Experience Wind

You guessed it, windy day today in the woods. A good tree listening day but that is another poem. While biking against wind isn’t fun, going out in it, sensing it, is fun. The trees pictured here were clicking together, … Continue reading

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Green and Glow

Poetry writing month dedicated to coping and thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic journey. Last day of Poetry Writing month 2020. A stressful day, distracted, thinking a poem would not come tonight. Once again, nature relaxes me and inspires a poem. … Continue reading

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Walking in Sunshine

Poetry writing month, theme of Self-Care, Self-Calm as part of the collective whole. This “thrive” during the COVID crisis idea comes from Ruth. She is crouched over a laptop working from home, so she treats herself to a walk in … Continue reading

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All is Well in Nature

Got up earlier today so gave myself a moment outside before diving into work. What a glorious way to start the day. Thought I’d share. Find some nature today my dears. All is Well in Nature Morning Taking a moment … Continue reading

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Tree Shadows

Last of four poems I wrote spending time with myself and nature in the woods in a little off-grid cottage. This poem is weirder than the other three wandering with a mind of its own as poems sometimes do. Enjoy. … Continue reading

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Lake Tahoe, No Ski Day

I haven’t made enough time and energy for writing lately. Sometimes it takes time away at a beautiful nature spot to remember how important writing is to the psyche. Three poems flowed out of me during a morning to myself … Continue reading

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