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Electric Contentment

Freezing rain all day. Hard on the deer and drivers but so beautiful on the trees. Big weather energizes me so this excited poem came out of me listening to the wind, hearing the heavy branches crack, and seeing the … Continue reading

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Sitting with Lilac

Lilacs are my favorite flower. The smell is pure heaven and a fleeting middle-late May bloom. I spend a pleasant day on my rocking chair, reading, writing and rocking outside all while inhaling lilac. Ahh. Enjoy the poem. Sitting with … Continue reading

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Poems inspired by tarot/oracle cards did not end with poetry writing month. (Search “Tarot NaPoWriMo” in my archives to see them.) The Sacred Threads Oracle deck by Heather Rhodes at Studio Petronella is my treat-for-me purchase after meeting Heather in … Continue reading

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Hermit – 23 Tarot NaPoWriMo

The Hermit is a classic Tarot character, archetype of the wise old man. The Hermit leaves society for introspection and contemplation. He uses the intuition symbolized by his lantern instead of all the noise of the outside world to find … Continue reading

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I am Wind

Big windstorm in central Wisconsin this week. Sad for property damage although big weather is also thrilling especially at night. Here is the poem the storm inspired. I am Wind I am windhear me roar,hear me whistle through sillsand tree … Continue reading

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Fire a Potter

There is something both magical and elemental about a fire. I have been thinking about life and death of late and always really. Watching this fire from spark to aging embers, brought out this poem. Enjoy a fire if you … Continue reading

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Saturday Snow

Finally a day at the off-grid cottage to write, read, rock and paint. To make the day even better, it snowed. Enjoy the poem. Saturday Snow Saturday snowLight and quietA cold tingle on my fire-warmed cheeks.Time for “London Fog”tea with … Continue reading

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Hidey Holes

Where are you hidey holes? Those little spots to be quiet and content. I am sitting in one now. Snuggled under fuzzy blankies on the love seat in view of the bird feeder with Christmas music playing. Nestle in my … Continue reading

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Nature Immersion

What a lovely experience walking the trail at the Healing Nature Center on the edge of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Forests really are healing places especially on a trail designed with little nooks and tools for contemplation and realizations and … Continue reading

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Hidden Lakes Trail

Just back from my birthday weekend trip. We choose Three Lakes Wisconsin. German influence is felt here, perfect for induction into this Winter. It was the first snow of the season with all the magic it brings. The Three Lakes … Continue reading

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