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Mountain Spirit

A delightful ski weekend in Oregon with my family. Mt. Bachelor is the hill I have skied the most. It’s moods and runs were so familiar. Mountains teach me something every time have the audacity to play on these fickle, … Continue reading

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Lake View

Poem six and final of my time in nature at Marywood. I am late for checkout getting these babies posted. Forgive me Sisters. By the time this poem came to me this morning sitting on the dock, I had become … Continue reading

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A Clutch in the Woods

Spending more time in the woods during the COVID-19 social shutdown has so many benefits to mind, body, and spirit. You realize that you are part of nature, not apart from it. You see the cycle of the seasons, of … Continue reading

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Dandelion Puffball

Some people call dandelions weeds. And, maybe they are weeds, but they are beautiful weeds. Not only is the dandelion bees’ first food of spring, they magically transform into artful puffballs. They go gray so to speak. This poem appreciates … Continue reading

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A Poet’s Garden

This poem came out of my Sunday morning gardening time. In the course of writing it, I figured out why I have never been a great gardener. It is not so much about production as creating a place, a place … Continue reading

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Poetry writing month dedicated to coping and thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic journey. It might be harder to see the thrive advice in this poem. There is something about organic food and tea (th√©) that makes me feel healthier and … Continue reading

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