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Full Moon in Libra – 16 Tarot NaPoWriMo

Day 15 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month (AKA NaPoWriMo). It is always fun to do a little research to inform a poem. Tonight’s Full Moon is in the Libra constellation known for balance and harmony. Libra’s ruling planet is “steady … Continue reading

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New Moon – 1 of Tarot NaPoWriMo

My inspiration for 2022’s National/Global Poetry Writing Month (AKA NaPoWriMo) are Tarot cards, Oracle cards. There are endless varieties of card packs with empowering themes. Since tonight is the new moon, let’s kick of “Tarot NaPoWriMo” with the New Moon … Continue reading

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Halloween Fire Circle

What a wonderful experience celebrating Halloween/Samhain night with local women. Spiritual, connecting, female and moon energy rolled in with learning a Druid Dance (seen in Outlander) and ancient songs to the beat of circling drums. Below the poem is a … Continue reading

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What Does the Half-Moon Mean?

Cooped up inside working long days called for standing under the half-moon wondering, and wondering some more last night. This strange and questioning poem came out of that wondering. What are your lingers doubts? Enjoy the poem. What Does the … Continue reading

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Moon is Om

By the frequency of Moon poems, you can tell I have been connecting more deeply with nature and my spiritual self. Last night during the full moon, I sat outside and treated myself to a guided relaxation by moonlight (and … Continue reading

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Paper Moon

Moon and I have been hanging out the last two weeks as I have kept our light blocking shades open at night. A moon poems book is on my long list of books to be. Enjoy the poem! Paper Moon … Continue reading

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Full Moon Poems over Lake Michigan

Thanks to Tammy and Steve, Salmon fishing on Lake Michigan this 4th of July weekend. No fish but a wonderful full moon on for Independence day. Three poems came out of sitting on the boat soaking up the moon. Scroll … Continue reading

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