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Hermit – 23 Tarot NaPoWriMo

The Hermit is a classic Tarot character, archetype of the wise old man. The Hermit leaves society for introspection and contemplation. He uses the intuition symbolized by his lantern instead of all the noise of the outside world to find … Continue reading

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Chimney Smoke

My friend Sophia on pilgrimage in India told me that smoke enhances meditation and cleans the aura. While I am not a traditional mediator, I have begun to pay more attention to the feel of wood smoke falling over me. … Continue reading

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Alter with an Altar

Poetry writing month dedicated to coping and thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic journey. I have run across the concept of creating an altar or shrine in your home or yard a few times but had not, until last weekend, connected … Continue reading

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Labyrinth Brain Calling

I love Labyrinths. An active mediation. A way to clear the mind and find soothing. in my room, I spotted the labyrinth rock from my time walking the labyrinths at Harmony Hill and this poem came to me. World Labyrinth … Continue reading

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I have come to love silence having a job that entails constant stimulation. Silence is soothing, it is hygge. Find some silence for yourself. Silence Silence is an art possibly the first art possibly a rare art. Silences is not … Continue reading

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Sweeping Meditation

This poem was inspired by my friend Kristen Sweet who I always think of when I think of meditation. She had a text conversation right before I wrote this. Enjoy. Sweeping Meditation Sweeping Meditation firm handle grounded to earth firm … Continue reading

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Peace Giver

Who doesn’t love trees. This poem calls them the most loving creature on earth. Did you ever notice how calm you feel walking among them? How your lungs relax and breathe deeper? How your stress disappears? Enjoy this stamp-poem in … Continue reading

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Poem #10 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017 Ponder Those quiet moments when the brain chews it cud. The wee waking hours emotions exaggerated and ruminated like stones rolling in the tide. Rational pondering times in the … Continue reading

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Dreary Day

Dreary day I love a dreary day, the muted trees sketched in charcoal against the blank canvas sky Nearer our window than those hoppy blue skies. Today’s sky is soft, watered-down white, shrink wrapped around our country house like a … Continue reading

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