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Ekphrastic Poem

My friend Amber Chand is a talented and intuitive painter and retreat leader. Amber posted this painting on Facebook asking “What has she come to reveal?” The painting and the question stimulated a poem. What mask do you show the … Continue reading

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Many Meanings of Darkness

This poem was inspired by my friend and fellow writer/presenter/bloger/adventurer Jalene Case. Feel free to comment on this post any other meanings of darkness. Breathe in this poem my dears. -Dawn Many meanings of darkness Renewal of sleep where you … Continue reading

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Winter Soulstice

This poem was inspired by a post from a friend who had a year of loss and is now celebrating the return of the light. I hope the poem speaks to you and your soul work too. Winter Soulstice Embrace … Continue reading

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Light bathing

Light bathing Morning sun white yellow illuminates my forehead, hands, and belly. It catches in my eye lashes. I can see its beads in my every blink. Morning light sparkles on the fibers of my blanket. It glints off my … Continue reading

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Reclining Crescent Moon

Reclining Crescent Moon Lying on his back Winklepicker shoes kicked up mouthing a clove cigarette Contemplating. Slim A French mustache with the tips curled up “Oui oui Mon Cheri,” He croons with a cocked eye. “Undress for me my love, … Continue reading

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Today is the day

The solstice (yesterday) is the shortest day of light of the year. So, today is the rebirth of the light. A day of awareness and gratefulness and forgiveness and renewal. This poem came out of my thoughts on this day … Continue reading

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Sleeping in a Moonbeam

The moon literally shines beams down on me as I sleep in my parents guest room.  I wake up and find him winking at me. I  grabbed my journal and penned this short poem a few nights ago. Sleeping in … Continue reading

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