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Year of Freedom 2021

This year’s theme came out of a Solstice journaling exercise. It lead me to flip my forever struggle for security by empowering myself in freedom. Why did I ever look outside myself for security when I have within me so … Continue reading

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Dandelion Puffball

Some people call dandelions weeds. And, maybe they are weeds, but they are beautiful weeds. Not only is the dandelion bees’ first food of spring, they magically transform into artful puffballs. They go gray so to speak. This poem appreciates … Continue reading

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The Words We Choose

Poetry writing month dedicated to coping and thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic journey. The words we choose to describe our experiences, make a difference in how we feel about them and in the choices we make next. I have been … Continue reading

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All is Well in Nature

Got up earlier today so gave myself a moment outside before diving into work. What a glorious way to start the day. Thought I’d share. Find some nature today my dears. All is Well in Nature Morning Taking a moment … Continue reading

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Get on a Horse and Ride

Remember the old saying “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” This poem riffs off of that saying. I tend to be action orientated. It is good for us all to remember that we have control over our own destiny … Continue reading

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Sweet Freedom

Another poem sparked by my soul walk this morning. This one in comparing the raspberries I planted to the wild berries. Enjoy the poem and eat some wild berries. Sweet Freedom We have wild raspberries roaming free and two tame … Continue reading

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Soul Walk

Awakened by the early morning sun and drawn outside by that calm morning energy, I went for a soul walk this morning. It was just me and the little creatures and the dewy grass. I would recommend a dewy soul … Continue reading

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I am working full-time for the summer to refill my coffers so that I can have time in the fall again to work on my poetry and business of poetry.¬† There is no way to avoid needing money. A little … Continue reading

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Garden Gate

One of my favorite poems I have written (and I have written more than a thousand). For some reason, it never got posted to my blog. Even if you’re not a gardener, you’ll like this one because it is about … Continue reading

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Stamp Collection II finally available

For the last two years of Na/GloPoWriMo (National/Global poetry writing month), I have used postage stamps as daily writing prompts. Finally, the book from last year’s stamp-poem collection is done and published. It is titled, of course, Stamp Collection II … Continue reading

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