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Stamp Collection II finally available

For the last two years of Na/GloPoWriMo (National/Global poetry writing month), I have used postage stamps as daily writing prompts. Finally, the book from last year’s stamp-poem collection is done and published. It is titled, of course, Stamp Collection II … Continue reading

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Glorious Winter Day

We finally got enough snow to blanket us in glorious white.  10 inches in the last two days. Today is sunny, cold and blustery. What a great day to enjoy the beauty and umph of nature. Oh, almost forgot. There … Continue reading

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National Poetry Writing Month 2017

April is national/global poetry writing month. The challenge is to write a poem a day for the entire month.  NaPoWriMo offers community, conversation, and writing prompts. I decided to use my stamp collection to generate prompts. Over many years, my … Continue reading

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Adventure 101

Have adventures in life, stretch yourself, depart from routine, and bust out of old paradigms. Adventure 101 Inspiration Boy and Sunshine-all-the-time-Girl went for a walk wearing high-heeled kinky boots and a dreamweaver coat. They ate Dutch masters’ landscapes with katsup … Continue reading

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Daily Awe by Dawn Anderson Molten sky A firelight backdrop to the veining of dark filbert branches strewn still with ragged remnant leaves. Higher and higher the fire builds spreading like a lapping forest conflagration making alive the Eastern sky. … Continue reading

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