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Mobile Home

Last NaPoWriMo, I used postage stamps to inspire the month’s poems. A really cool Stamp Collection book of poems resulted. Let’s do that again. Just got this stamp out of the mail box today so thought it fitting to open … Continue reading

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Dog days of summer

Dog days of summer When the dust billows and lingers above the gravel road, when the lawn goes brown and the pond goes green, when the heavy apples fall and the combines slowly chew through the fields, it’s the dog … Continue reading

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Looking for a home

Looking for a home When you’re leaving the house you thought might be your home forever, it’s an opportunity to seek everything you want in a nest. A place that a homebody can shore up, can snuggle-in and sit on … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Wausau

photo taken at Evolutions in Design Merry Christmas Wausau After 15 years of Green Christmases way far away, I am home really home not just a fly-in visit where every moment is harried and full of missing, but home to … Continue reading

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The Long Trek home

The long trek home from Oregon to Wisconsin The little ’96 Honda purring down the road through the deep green gorge of Oregon glancing at kite surfers who flip over white caps as the windmill dotted cliffs look down. through … Continue reading

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Things have weight

One of the opportunities of moving is purging of possessions. It is also an emotionally difficult task because things have energy and memories attached to them as well as useful and monetary value. I am touching and making a decision … Continue reading

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The cure of the extrovert

I love people and thus love being an extrovert, yet it dawns on me that extroverts sometimes have a disadvantage in those quiet, sleepy evenings at home alone. While we do still need our alone time, too much alone time … Continue reading

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Lodestar Star light star bright show me who I am tonight. Through the love in your eyes I see my goodness and beauty clearly, clear as the summer sky in the nectar hour when waking to that raw connection to … Continue reading

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Stay another day

Nature is telling me to stay here in Wisconsin. Flights canceled today due to high winds. News that snow is predicted in Eugene tomorrow. Humm, when will I get back to Oregon? Here’s the poem (btw – notice the halo … Continue reading

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Day of nesting

I had the best day yesterday just nesting…being home and doing those lovely home things…being with myself and enjoying the beautiful trees outside. Here is the poem that ensued. Prosperity wheat wreath made by Roberta Day of nesting Autumn slanting … Continue reading

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