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Lakshmi – 20 Tarot NaPoWriMo

Today I joined my first Sadhana spiritual exploration women’s circle offered by the Women’s Wisdom School; it’s international. Since Mari from Belly Dance group referred me and the Sadhana uses goddess myths and wisdom tools, it felt like a Lakshmi … Continue reading

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Praise for Pleasures Taken for Granted

It is so easy to be grateful especially for the small things all around us that we take for granted. This poem came after a long productive day when I stepped outside for a cool breath of light moonlight. Enjoy … Continue reading

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Say “Thank You” to Those Someones

Day 20 of Poetry writing month dedicated to coping and thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic journey. We talked about reaching out in the poem “Postcards in the Mail” on April 2nd. Now is a good time to be grateful for … Continue reading

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Winter Moment

A bonus poem today. Same observations as the poem earlier today but shorter and with a thoughtful finish. Enjoy the poem, and enjoy all life’s little moments. Loves. Winter Moment The constant humm of wind over the chimney. Sleepy nods … Continue reading

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Build Your Energy

Another “friend of the earth” stamp produced an unexpected poem. Maybe it is because I have been writing stamp-poems early in the morning. The morning is when we are most in love; grateful that another day has dawned; waking up … Continue reading

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Wood tick on my back

Wood tick on my back Creepy but well designed you scout my body sniffing for blood. You tickle me with your spider legs, your body broad and flat like a Camero Z28. You only want a little but greed keeps … Continue reading

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Summit Sculptures

Frosted Summit Mt. Bachelor Oregon Summit sculptures by the gnarled hands of the winter warlock. Crusted trees unrecognizable. White coral against a Crater Lake blue sky. Like growing crystals of frosted rock-candy. Plumes of purest white billow in stop-action. Tempura … Continue reading

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New Year Intentions 2014

New Year Intentions 2014 Be not too specific or you will miss what you have not imagined. Think about the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ will present itself. Always save room for surprises, say “yes” a lot. Make values based decisions … Continue reading

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Day of Leaving – Boston

Day of leaving Boston Rain Red socks ahead in the series 3 to 2, a fine breakfast of lox on Mikasa China, all the bunnies and a kindred friend hug me au revoir, the luxury of a towncar ride to … Continue reading

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