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Rules to observe for a good birthday

Rules to observe for a good birthday My 47th birthday Never, never go to work. Open your eyes to see the sunrise but sleep-in to a luxurious time. Be selfish Spend time only with those you love including some time … Continue reading

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At the lake

At the lake The scene: nature swarmed by the pontoon parade. A steady show of passers baring their chests to the sun and their toes to the clear water. The band plays and the beers crack, everyone is here to … Continue reading

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Trust the ride

Trust the ride inspired by Ethan Heil Fast snow Pure Michigan First time Long ride Pondering life as the trail pitches and rolls me. Too fast at times Lost at times Beautiful snowful trees Lake Superior Stretching out like an … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas surprise

Merry Christmas my dears. Surprise!  The first of two poetry books is available on Amazon.com titled “Seeing the beauty in everyday things.” In this coming new year, bring happy poetry into your life. Dream, do, forgive, love yourself and others, … Continue reading

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Bella Beach Retreat

Bella Beach retreat Out of the panic of snow in the valley, the brave few burst out onto the coast. Rolling dunes to our left and a sense of adventure and camaraderie in our BMW pod. Stopping for supplies like … Continue reading

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Broken cell phone

Broken cell phone The Bad: Phone lost. Panic. Phone found smashed in the lounge chair. Panic. Disconnected. They will think I am ignoring them. They will think I am angry with them. Angry at myself, stupid mistake, expensive mistake. Can’t … Continue reading

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New friends

New friends Studio on Slough Road Cape Cod, Massachusetts New friends with entrance songs dance into my heart on oyster shell sleds and ginger bubbles in an art chalet on Cape Cod on a cool autumn night when the sun … Continue reading

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