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Build Your Energy

Another “friend of the earth” stamp produced an unexpected poem. Maybe it is because I have been writing stamp-poems early in the morning. The morning is when we are most in love; grateful that another day has dawned; waking up … Continue reading

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None of us knows

None of us knows Inspired by musings with Dad on his 70th birthday None of us knows whether we have a day, a year, a minute or a hundred years. We do not know when our borrowed energy will be … Continue reading

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The intersection of earth and sky

The intersection of earth and sky Stars, leaves, snow and rain gifted from the sky. Fog, spring field-rocks, and bubbling brooks rising from the earth. And we in the middle, creatures of earth and universe, pulling down the white light … Continue reading

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Peeling the spoiling fruit

Writing poetry is a way to answer the questions you have of yourself. This poem started as a wondering why i was feeling closed and distant and irritated. The process of writing the poem was a noodling out of the … Continue reading

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We are Sea

We are sea Standing at the mouth of the ocean, who treated me with a gray whale, I let the waves flow to me, touch me, bathe my feet in cooling water. Salt and water, energy and motion, the structures … Continue reading

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Things have weight

One of the opportunities of moving is purging of possessions. It is also an emotionally difficult task because things have energy and memories attached to them as well as useful and monetary value. I am touching and making a decision … Continue reading

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Bones of the fire

There is something powerful about sitting around a fire with your peeps and watching the evolution of the fire as the night pours on. I wrote this poem after an annual “marshmallow and beer” bonfire to burn friends Christmas trees.  … Continue reading

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