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Even the Supermoon Eclipses

It was hard to peel my eyes off of the moon last night from its first emergence to its eclipse and back. What is it about the moon that transfixes us? The next total lunar eclipse won’t be until 2021 … Continue reading

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Many Meanings of Darkness

This poem was inspired by my friend and fellow writer/presenter/bloger/adventurer Jalene Case. Feel free to comment on this post any other meanings of darkness. Breathe in this poem my dears. -Dawn Many meanings of darkness Renewal of sleep where you … Continue reading

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Winter Soulstice

This poem was inspired by a post from a friend who had a year of loss and is now celebrating the return of the light. I hope the poem speaks to you and your soul work too. Winter Soulstice Embrace … Continue reading

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Darkness moves

Darkness moves The darkness moves. Pinpoints of black swarming in waves like chimney swifts, like thousands of krill moving as one body, one flowing mass. Darkness vibrates. Forms materialize out of the creaking walls and thumping street sounds. A cat … Continue reading

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