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Year of Softness

Here is 2018’s New Year’s poem. At a time of so much creating separation, aggressive culture, and entitlement, what we need is softness.  Breathe in this poem. Year of softness New Year 2018 Year of softness, softness of heart and … Continue reading

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Being right

Being right Being right is a lonely place. Our choice is to be right or reconciled. Relationship over ego is one of life’s great lessons. As our testosterone wanes and the fog of false bravado dissipates, we see the wisdom … Continue reading

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I actually had a road rager, who thought I should have slowed rather than sped up to let him on the freeway, follow me until i started taking lots of turns to elude him. Compassion welled inside of me for … Continue reading

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Divine purpose

Divine purpose When I hold my breast tight against my heart, I can feel divinity in me. I am in great part divine and in some part fallible human ego. Part of me is star from the heavens and part … Continue reading

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Soul mate love

“Kiss” steel sculpture by Aureleo Rosano Soul mate love Lovers of the heart, mind, and body. Lovers of a shared life. All love may end in loss but soul mate love knows no regrets. Soul mate love endures endures past … Continue reading

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