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Driving into the Storm

Last night reluctantly leaving our cottage in the woods to go home, a lightning storm was flashing up ahead. It struck me that I was driving into the storm. This thought-filled poem ensured. What shift is your storm? Are you … Continue reading

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Stages of a Butterfly Life

Day 3 NaPoWriMo. When I was 12 years old, I wrote into the Big Blue Marble for an international pen-pal. A 12 year old boy from Australia, Jamie, and I were matched up. Today’s stamp is from his March 1985 … Continue reading

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Year of Evolution

It’s time again for a New Year poem to set the tone for the year. Some day I will publish a book of my all my Christmas and New Year poems. Make it a good new year folks.  I mean … Continue reading

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Here is National/Global Poetry Writing Month poem day five based on a tropical frog stamp. When I think of frogs, I think of how sensitive they are to environmental changes; how they suffer change. In the U.S., we seem to … Continue reading

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Autumn cattails

Autumn cattails Roasted marshmallows on a stick dripping sweet fluff that momma bird wove into her cozy grass nest made visible at leaf-fall of autumn along the dusty country road. When the dust settles and the branches stand bare, when … Continue reading

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Hope for snow

Hope for snow The high full moon small and tight in the puckered snowless sky. Winter is slow coming this year cracking only for a bit of Christmas snow. Hope for a December lion, a fresh, fierce tempest to burst … Continue reading

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Argyllshire Gathering and Yes Scotland campaign for independence

I am not a political person and have no educated opinion on whether or not Scotland should vote to become independent from England on September 18th, 2014. But, the contrast of the peaceful politics of this vote in 2014 with … Continue reading

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