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Maintain Tire Pressure

My process for stamp prompts is to photograph all poetry month‘s 30 stamps at once and email them to myself numbered. Three weeks ago when I snapped a pic of this stamp, I assumed it would elicited a “friend of … Continue reading

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Snowy Woods

Working on poems for one of my next Nature Series chapter books on the subject of Trees. This poem was inspired by a winter walk in the woods yesterday afternoon in the fading light. Snow makes the short days of … Continue reading

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Soothing rain

Soothing rain Steady tap Slow waggling trees All is green and slick, drinking. Gardens stirring. Motion of water tricking through eaves troughs. Country streams filling lakes, fattening fish. Surfaces dappled with rain drops. Rain drops on a string, a trajectory … Continue reading

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Light bathing

Light bathing Morning sun white yellow illuminates my forehead, hands, and belly. It catches in my eye lashes. I can see its beads in my every blink. Morning light sparkles on the fibers of my blanket. It glints off my … Continue reading

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