Résumé Assistance

One of the most important documents and most powerful document in your life is your Résumé. A good Résumé can make the difference between a job and a career. It can mean more income and better choices. $$$$$

With twenty years of Human Resources/Management and recruiting experience, I have reviewed a lot! of Résumés, given Résumé advice, and helped hundreds of people improve their Résumés.

When agreeing to critique and improve someone’s Résumé, I warn them, “there will be a lot of red lines and comments on your Résumé.” Red lines and comments are good. The more improvements we make, the better your document will showcase what you have to offer. We will focus not only on skills, but knowledge, abilities, accomplishments, attitude, and teamness.

I will work with you not only in content but in format, white space, font size, and layout. We have 10 seconds to capture the attention of a Résumé reviewer and get them interested enough to read more about you.

From experience, I know what a hiring manager thinks when the wrong things are highlighted in your Résumé. For example, I re-did a Résumé recently that bolded job dates even-though she has a choppy work history. Her titles were strong, so we highlighted those and downplayed her job dates. We were also able to fill in some gaps in employment by adding personal accomplishments.

It’s time to freshen up your most important document and cash-in on your earning power. Use the contact form below pricing and testimonials to take the first step. Or email me directly at createthedawn@gmail.com.

Brush up. Let me take one pass at red-lining your Résumé.  $200

Remodel. Two or more sessions where we over haul your Résumé. $300

From scratch. Don’t have a Résumé and want me to help you build it. $450

Student discount. I love helping grads. Let’s get your resume ready for job search. $100


“Dawn was a life saver when it came to editing my resume! I thought I had everything I needed, but she took the time to understand me and the position I was applying for and  helped me add information I was missing. She responds quickly through email as well! I would recommend her to anyone needing resume help.” – Amelia G.

“I have applied for many jobs in which I have been very well qualified. Many of those jobs I was turned down. Dawn was able to find so many things lacking in my resume and easily fix them as well as make wonderful recommendations to me on how to make my resume more eye-catching as well as showcase my background and talents much better. I highly recommend her services.” – Gina C.

“I am just graduating college and applying for two dream jobs in my hometown. Dawn assisted me immensely with my resume, helping me effectively communicate what I have to offer in both my skills and personality. It is obvious that she brings her hiring experience to her resume writing.” -Devin J.

“My name is Erica and I am an ARRT certified Nuclear Medicine and Computed Tomography Hybrid Technologist in Oregon. As I graduated college, Dawn Anderson immensely helped me edit, refine, and perfect my resumé as I was starting my job search and preparing to enter the work force. She helped me apply and receive an offer for the job I currently have, and I will always be thankful that she shared her unique talents with me.” – Erica B.

I knew my resume needed a more professional look and feel after being at the same company for 10+ years. I turned to Dawn to help me craft a new brand in my resume. Her expertise, patience, and creativity helped me to move up that career ladder. In under a year, I made the journey from Lead to Manager to Director. Her words helped to market me appropriately and gave me the edge to land my dream job!  -Ashley D