Poem #26 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017

Possibility 26.jpg

Be Possibility
Eat juicy star fruit
embracing the five pointed star
that values wisdom and truth

Through growth and learning
seek your higher self
until ready to merge
with the universal mind,

the pentagram
as pictogram
and ideogram
and Yoga pose
shows up on flags,
family crests,
and pink stars on Hollywood Blvd.

representing heaven,
Eastern star
and Western star,
Might and collectivism,
that collective soul

As Prince said
“Starfish and coffee”
“If you set your mind free”
Star of possibility

A point for each
Universal mind,
Universal soul,
Power of the word,
Past and future from whence potential
and the point of all points
be present in divine presence

All this in a star
All this is possible

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Poem #25 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017

Sexy 25.jpg
Define sexy

Openly vulnerable
Beautiful eyes
Eyes with depth
Warm purr
Fierce love

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Poem #24 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017

Forever 24.jpg

Like the buffalo said
this is forever
A partnership
A melding
Two different metals
into one alloy
creating a new metal
strong and light
and that does not corrode

whether legal vows
or unwritten commitment
when two hearts merge
we reach our true nature
a contentment
a place where all the empty spots are filled
where the old wounds heal
and a fresh together-life,
a forever-life begins.
A forever life that even death
cannot part
for the parts have fused
Who was before is no longer
The we-as-one continues
bridging time and space
and carried on in the energy, hearts and DNA
of our progeny.

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Poem #23 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017

Artistic 23

The eye falls upon
sweeping lines
like a horizon of rolling hills

Finger tips run along wood
sanded buttery smooth

The brain looks for rhythm,
pattern, meaning,
needs a name.
We want a name and an interpretation.
Hard wired to make sense of the world,
attracted to beauty,
color, sculptured form

Driven to feast our senses
on creative products
in all media
paint, charcoal, metal, paper,
wood, clay, fiber, words,
and assemblage
ordering and arranging disparate items
into a cohesive work of art

Art is what makes us unique among animals.
It can be our higher self
or drag us back to tribal urges.
Expression of divine
or expression of madness.
The true self spilling out
onto canvas
like a road sign,
a cairn
for others to heed or follow
to inspire
to evoke
to bring us together
or to separate us.

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Buffalo dream

Poem #22 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017

Buffalo dream

A buffalo showed up in a dream last night.
Purple buffalo stamps came up in the writing cue today.
“Pay attention to your path”
is the official dream meaning of a buffalo.
Purple means becoming aware
of an undiscovered dimension of the self.
The sunrise behind the purple buffalo
means abundance and prosperity.
And, there are two buffalo stamps.
Two is balance, partnership and receptivity.
It’s gonna be a great year!

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Poem #21 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017

Classic 21.jpg

She was a classic.
Button up suit coat,
skirt length beneath the knee,
hair coifed in a French twist
the color of a fresh croissant.

She sat straight as a stick pin
with her shoulders pulled back
and her chin tilted up and
cocked slightly to the side
as if she were listening to a bird in a tree.

Her eyes had depth,
a depth of good breeding and good schools
yet sparkled friendly in the sunlight.

She looked and smelled like a tea rose,
pale, almost transparent skin,
firm, not saggy or wrinkled
but starched looking like a well pressed shirt
with flattened seems.

She came into the tea shop every Tuesday
not long after the start of my shift.
She always ordered a plain scone
with marmalade
and chamomile tea.
Although she finished her scone,
I never saw her chew
only sip her tea
pausing before
touching the cup to her lips
to listen to that distant bird.

Then she missed a Tuesday
and another Tuesday.
and another Tuesday.
I had missed my chance to know her,
to know  where she grew up,
what was her profession,
and what kind of car she had.
I missed the chance to know
what she pondered over her tea,
if she had children,
and to simply know her name.
I missed the chance to know a classic lady.

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Discover a new land or place

Poem #20 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017

Discover a new land or place 20.jpg
Discover a new land or place

Whether the new place
is inside you
or across the big pond,
you will grow another dimension
of yourself.
Each new facet
adds to the brilliance of you.

Experience a mountain vista
above the tree line
where the air is thin
and the view reaches
a long arm across
valleys and mountains,
rivers and big lakes
that look like puddles
in the enormity.
The facet is feeling small,
knowing we are only a tiny part
of the whole.
That life moves on
with or without us
and the good we put forth
joins the good of many
and shines its light high at noon.

Experience a foreign food
Tender pupusas in El Salvador,
Kangaroo and the biggest calamari
you’ve ever seen in Australia,
Pinot Noir in the Dundee hills of Oregon,
Sour Alpine milk in Slovenia,
and the pièce de résistance
pains au chocolat in France.
The facet is understanding the richness of culture
and people and food and wine.
Breaking out of our small shell
to taste the world’s true treasures.
Treasures made from the bounty of earth
with the hands, hearts and creative taste buds
of its people.

Experience an emotion, deeply.
Witness rites of passage
birth, graduation, marriage, birth, retirement,
and the most powerful of all passages,
Find meaning in these rites, rituals,
progressions, maturings.
The facet is living life with depth
not just riding along the surface tension
but diving into and through the thermal planes
from sunlight filled water,
shady spots beneath lilly pads
into the murky deep bathyal, abyssal, and hadal zones
then floating back up, up
face to the light.

It is the light
through our many beautiful facets
that makes the whole spin around this planet

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