It is a good day

It is a good day.jpg
It is a good day

Poured myself a stemmed glass of lime sparkling water,
turned on the ceiling fans,
and opened the windows to let the pollen come in
And the bird song
squawks, twerbles and melodic little tunes
and the breeze
and the green
all came in.

The potted avocado trees,
relegated to house plant
here in zone four,
sway in the breeze
looking eye to eye
with the birches and poplars
leaning in from the yard.

It is the edge between spring and summer.
Dandelions have puffed to seed,
the grass is tall enough to wave,
and the bugs have sprouted
to birds’ delight for sure.

It is a good day
to hang out clothes
and make brownies.
A good day to soak up being a live
and being loved.

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Soothing rain

soothing rain.jpg
Soothing rain

Steady tap
Slow waggling trees
All is green and slick,
Gardens stirring.
Motion of water
tricking through eaves troughs.
Country streams
filling lakes,
fattening fish.
Surfaces dappled with
rain drops.
Rain drops on a string,
a trajectory from cloud
to ground.
Only swayed by the
slant of the breeze.

Sunrise takes a rest.
Morning brings a greening
instead of flames bouncing
off the horizon.
Subdued light
A calm
White noise
A napping day
A day for tea
and oatmeal.

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Poem #30 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017

30 Wisdom.jpg

Scene: Conversation following a graduation ceremony between a new grad and Obi Wan Kenobi.
Reference:  Quotes are from the Obi Wan Kenobi character in Star Wars movies.


Grad:  Excuse me Mr. Kenobi.  Mr. Kenobi.  Mr. Kenobi can I ask you a question?

Obi Wan:  “Use the force.”

Grad:  Okay, will I be lucky enough to have a successful career and life?

Obi Wan:  “In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.”

Grad:  You’re saying I should choose the right career and hone a marketable skill?

Obi Wan:  “Skill is the child of patience.”

Grad:  So, if I work really hard, I will get rich?

Obi Wan:  “You’ll find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view”

Grad:  Well what if my point of view is to have lots of money no matter what?

Obi Wan:  “Don’t give in to hate. That Leeds to the dark side.”

Grad:  You’re saying that integrity and intention are more important than money?

Obi Wan:  “Everything casts two shadows”

Grad:  Huh? Do you mean that there is good and bad, happiness and struggle to anything? And, it is how I define ‘rich’ that makes the difference in which shadow prevails?

Obi Wan:   “May the force be with you.”

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Fancy your fancies

Poem #29 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017

Fancy your fancies 29.jpg
Fancy your fancies

To make an ordinary day
a little finer
fancy your fancies,
put on airs
and a lilting wide brim hat,
a silk scarf,
and something skimpy with lace.
Parade in front of naked windows
setting the table for high tea,
linen napkins
and cake cut into squares
to eat with your fingers,
smacking and licking your fingers.
Cake for dinner?  Yup,
maybe ice cream too
scooped into champagne glasses
eaten with a long cocktail spoon.

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Poem #28 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017

Cowboy 28.jpg

Color outside the box
with bright bold colors
Surprise is advantage
Reasoned spontaneity a strength

Loyal friend
Dependable protector
Defender of values not rules
or shoulds or expectations

In the moment
Range of intensity
Work hard
Play hard
Love deeply

His own man
No trend can temp
No bandwagon
No concept of cool
He is cool
because he is not a crowd.
and not afraid to be vulnerable.

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Make a wish

Poem #27 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017

Make a wish 27.jpg
Make a wish

A luscious wish
An audacious,
maybe expensive,
maybe selfish wish.

Wish to
travel to the garden island, Kaua’i
to hike the rain forest
and touch a rainforest rainbow.
Breathe the moist, green air
All is green
All is foliage
Feels like whence life sprung
Sea to forest.

Wish to
build an herb garden get-a-way
with an ornate gate and
tall pineapple sage
bending over thyme.
Take your time.
Breathe in the tinctured air
Wafts of tangy rosemary
next to buttery roses.
Grandma’s bench rests here
for a morning moment
A warm cup of fresh picked chamomile tea.

Wish to
take a week,
a whole luxurious week off
to write
to lounge
to lengthen out Yoga asanas
and breathe deep that pranayama,
source of life,
as if you have all day
because you do have all day.

Make a wish
any wish.
Set the intention
and the how will follow.

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Poem #26 – Stamp collection – National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2017

Possibility 26.jpg

Be Possibility
Eat juicy star fruit
embracing the five pointed star
that values wisdom and truth

Through growth and learning
seek your higher self
until ready to merge
with the universal mind,

the pentagram
as pictogram
and ideogram
and Yoga pose
shows up on flags,
family crests,
and pink stars on Hollywood Blvd.

representing heaven,
Eastern star
and Western star,
Might and collectivism,
that collective soul

As Prince said
“Starfish and coffee”
“If you set your mind free”
Star of possibility

A point for each
Universal mind,
Universal soul,
Power of the word,
Past and future from whence potential
and the point of all points
be present in divine presence

All this in a star
All this is possible

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