Christmas poems

Every year I write a holiday poem to include in my Christmas cards. It has become a tradition and anticipated part of the season for some on my card list. Below is this year’s poem followed by ones from past Christmases that I was lucky enough to find.
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Wear a Santa hat and other kid ways to enjoy winter
Merry Christmas 2013
by Dawn Anderson

Cold and snow
a kid’s delight.
Grab your sled
and get outside.
A small hill,
a running start
is all you need
to get a ride.

Make footie prints
in the snow
marked only by
critter tracks
of deer, bunnies and crow.

Start an SBF
with a well packed
ball of snow
and a snow-walled bunker
to duck behind
between each throw.

Gaze at the blue-white sky
and catch a fat snowflake
on your outstretched tongue
or the lash of your eye.

Wear a Santa hat,
a scarf with mittens on the ends
or long stripped ski socks
and a puffy coat
to impress your friends.

Sing goofy words
to Jingle bells
or Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
Say Happy Hula days
or Merry Kissmoose
or kiss-my-moo
laughing all the way.

In the cold and snow
attitude is every-thing
so why not choose
to love it,
smile, poop, laugh, and sing.
(“poop” added by Kevin – age 9 who inspired this poem by wearing his Santa hat and ski goggles sledding.)


Save a Polar Bear
Christmas 2012
-by Dawn Anderson

Turn off the light when you leave a room,
Save a Polar Bear

Buy whole natural food locally,
Save a Polar Bear

Carpool, bike, bus or work from home,
Save a Polar Bear

Practice meatless Mondays
and buy organic meat from a small farm,
Save a Polar Bear

Put on a sweater,
turn the thermostat to 67,
Save a Polar Bear

Let the kids ride the bus
or bike to school,
Save a Polar Bear

Don’t water your lawn
and use a reel mower,
Save a Polar Bear

Wash your jammies and bath towel
only once a week,
Save a Polar Bear

Reduce, reuse, recycle,
Save a Polar Bear

Save a Polar Bear
Keep our planet healthy
for our children and grandchildren
and many Merry Christmases to come!

Christmas White
-Written by Dawn Anderson
-Inspired by a snow day hike with Mom and Dad

First snow
like a first kiss,
Full of wonder
innocent and pure.

A frosted landscape
wrapped in a muffler of delicate white,
washed in bluing at dusk.
Oh white silent night
lit by the Beaver Moon
stirs me nostalgic,
fills me with the feeling of Christmas,
a landscape of Christmas white.

Secret night moves reveal
in the flawless white.
Quietly mother deer capers across the pristine yard
leaving a bounding trail of dainty hoof prints.
Scurrying squirrel imprints his little hands from heal to fingertips
and the unseen fox presses his round paws
inline through the woods.

All creatures large and small:
Laughing children rolling snowmen in the school yard,
Downy woodpeckers waiting for suet to appear on snowy branches,
Round bunnies nibbling on the snow bound garden kale,
and rutting bucks scrapping aside the snow to make their mark.

All creatures large and small
frolic in the first snow of Christmas joy,
of Christmas love,
of Christmas white

The Best Gift of Christmas
Christmas 2008

The tree sparkles with white lights and red shiny balls.
A fir and cedar wreath adorns the front door and
knitted stockings drape over the mantle.
Strings of twinkle lights rim the frosted windows chasing each other round.
The smell of ginger bread and candied orange peel wafts from the kitchen.
Neatly wrapped gifts secured with ribbon and fat bows are tucked beneath the tree.
The house is warm and welcoming
bedecked with Santas, smiling snowmen, and musical snow globes.
All is ready for the best gift of Christmas to arrive…
…the gift of dear friends and family to fill our home with love and Christmas joy!

You are in our hearts and thus in our home with us this Christmas.
Thank you for the gift of you.
Merry Christmas!

Love always,



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