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Egg of Spring

This poem was inspired by the symbols of spring and the Vernal Equinox and the celebration of Easter and Ostara. “Vernal” is derived from the Latin word for “bloom.” So spring can be encapsulated in the word bloom. Is blooming … Continue reading

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Year of Freedom 2021

This year’s theme came out of a Solstice journaling exercise. It lead me to flip my forever struggle for security by empowering myself in freedom. Why did I ever look outside myself for security when I have within me so … Continue reading

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COVID Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas to you and yours and to the little good things that come out of bad things like a global pandemic. Love and Joy, Dawn COVID Christmas 2020 A new kind of Christmas.We talk to Grandma on the phoneinstead … Continue reading

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Solstice Energy for Love

I did some research on solstice knowing I wanted to celebrate it; celebrate a nature holiday. Nature has been such a comfort this year and again today, the longest day of the year, nature did not disappoint. Several hours after … Continue reading

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Father’s Day on the Summer Solstice

Father’s day is very important to me as it is to all who are/were fortunate enough to have a good and loving Dad. I see so much of him in me. We have an understanding, a deeper knowing because of … Continue reading

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