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Midnight Wind

Sometimes waking up in the night is so wonderful. The stars, the lightning bugs, the moon, the sky…wow. This poem comes from a wind whipped wake up. Enjoy the poem and embrace those little wake-ups. Midnight Wind Midnight windhorsetail tree … Continue reading

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Spirit Animal Bear

This little stone bear randomly came with a book on Spirit Animals. It didn’t seem like bear was right for me until I read its meaning. My primary fear has always been a security fear. The bear is my protector. … Continue reading

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Full Flower Moon

This tea wisdom inspired a poem on the full moon, the full Flower Moon of May. Last year, I put together a protection pouch for my car. It came in handy last weekend when my car was stolen and promptly … Continue reading

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Forest Floor Awakens

The final poem of my Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda retreat weekend sums up what I remembered to remember. What I know and relearned. Enjoy the poem! Forest Floor Awakens It is the time of Trout Lillie’sand Trillium.The forest floor awakensas I … Continue reading

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Spiral Labyrinth

While this is the least attractive Labyrinth I have walked, its simple spiral and well-used center altar made it especially meditative. The gazing balls at each cardinal direction added connection with the trees. Part of my incentive to book this … Continue reading

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Canticle of St Francis

Surely St. Francis would approve of my version of his Canticle of The Creatures. During my retreat at The Christine Center, I walked and read the Canticle. The art work here is beautiful and set up in a spiral reminiscent … Continue reading

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Skylight Spring Morning

The next several poems came to be at The Christine Center on a Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda retreat with Andrea Russell. This poem came from our morning meditating lying down looking up at a beautiful skylight right above me. There were … Continue reading

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Grounding Vibration Bowl

If you have never tried sound therapy, give it a whirl. We are mostly water so our body, mind, and spirit responds to ripples of tuned sound. Pictured here I am standing in a “grounding bowl” after a sound therapy … Continue reading

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Star Poems

I was fortunate to spend last weekend off grid with the stars. The best part of an outhouse, is standing under the moon and stars in the middle of the night. Here are three poems that came out of those … Continue reading

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Birthday Eve Day Musings with Sean Connery

Birthday time for yourself and with loved ones should be more than a day. Today, I am celebrating my birthday eve day watching Sean Connery James Bond movies while making book makers, low-carb cooking (for my genetic pre-diabetes) and hanging … Continue reading

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