Flame of Love

Day 19 NaPoWriMo. Switzerland. A love story. My friend, Susan, owner of Clear Focus Media, told me the story of her grandparents. Her grandfather came to American from Switzerland (Helvetia) working as a Yodeling waiter at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago to earn money to bring over his fiancé.  She arrived a year later. Although she had packed a wedding dress, they married right on the platform, still in her traveling clothes.

This beautiful stamp in the theme of “torches” commemorates the independence of the Swiss Confederation. Enjoy the poem.

Flame of Love

Would you work so hard for love?
Would you toil
and scrimp
and wait for love?
True love
Love that endures a year apart
Love that endures a world apart.
World you keep lit the flame,
carry the torch in your pocket
never losing sight of your purpose,
never distracted or temped?

Would you tend love?
Would you always work for love?
Would you protect love
from the ravages of plenty
and the struggles of lean?
Would you never lose sight of your purpose?
Would you always keep lit the flame
and hold it precious
until death do you part?
Would you?

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Bali to All

Day 18 NaPoWriMo. We haven’t had romance since our day two post. Today’s fateful, romantic meeting happened in Bali, Indonesia. Anni, American, and Mel, Balinese, fell in love. It took years of visits before Anni and Mel decided to trust that love conquers all even across cultures and oceans. Anni and Mel married, had two sons, and started a Bali, nature inspired jewelry business – AnniMaliki.com. Enjoy the poem.IMG_20190417_120812

Bali to All

Bali to many means Yoga
to others an island of beaches
still others Bali means Hindu temples,
sculptural temples lifting toward skys
as blue as the waters.
Waters filled with coral reefs
waters a diver’s paradise,
a paradise called Bali
a paradise where love and unity
grow plenty as the Rainbow Eucalyptus.

Rainbow Eucalyptus.jpg
I haven’t been to Bali but took this photo of Rainbow Eucalypus on Maui. -Dawn

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Day 17 NaPoWriMo. It was a pleasure listening to Teresa Ciejka talk about her beautiful homeland, Poland. “I go back every year. I love the history, castles, forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, and the food.”

Poland fell under Soviet communist rule after WWII until 1989. Like many young people, Teresa fled communist Poland for opportunities in the U.S.

Teresa runs a successful Mary Kay business, helps home-bound elderly with dental cleanings, and lends her lovely soprano voice to two church choirs. Enjoy the poem and put Poland on your travel list.


It was there,
always there
under the communist concrete,
the food rations,
the travel restrictions,
the suppressed prayers.

When the concrete cracked
out bloomed Poland
the beauty,
the people,
the architecture,
the glorious flowered mountains.
A testament to resilience and freedom.

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Jungle Woman

Day 16 NaPoWriMo. Four days ago we talked about personal effects of political change in Pretty Horse. Today, it is an eco-business affected by the political unrest in Nicaragua – Finca Esperanza Verde. Run by a dedicated women, Vivianne, FEV has changed its focus from Eco lodge to selling their coffee beans and eco-farming.

I had the pleasure of visiting FEV on a women’s retreat. I slept in a cottage in the cloud forest waking to howler monkeys, Yoga, fresh picked bananas, and the smell of coffee grown steps away. Enjoy the poem!

Jungle Woman

There is a wild woman
inside every domesticated gentlewoman.
Humming with the hummingbirds,
dipping naked in a forest waterfall,
dancing round the midnight bonfire,
journaling her dreams,
making big plans,
opening her business.
A jungle woman takes risks
for love, adventure, art,
and her brand of success.
A jungle woman looks deep inside
pulls out her essence
sharing it
glowing it
flowing it.
A jungle woman lives!

Dawn on jungle hike in Nicaragua 2016.

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Day 15 NaPoWriMo. I am happy to introduce you to a positive, friendly guy, Stefan (Stevyy) from Austria. Stevyy loves stamps and postcards (and poetry too).  This is his special made postage stamp. Stevyy and I met through Postcrossing.com where you snail mail postcards to people all over the world. He has sent more than 1300 cards in five years. Stevyy you’re a PostCross superstar! Enjoy the poem he inspired me to write.
Stevyy self made stamp


Shrinking planet
not literally
shrinking through crossings.
The tall mountains of Austria,
the oceans between us
cannot keep hearts apart.
In a pretty card,
a friendly email,
a Facebook smile,
a positive poetry blog,
we cross distances
without taking a step.

Maybe with enough crossings,
enough connections,
enough understanding,
enough warm words,
we can eliminate war.
Instead we will cross this small planet
and we will sing to each other.

postcrossingstamp from Stevyy

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See the World in a Poem

Day 14 NaPoWriMo. Today is for poetry lovers and who doesn’t love their poets more than Scotland. Here is the stamp from my ‘remember postcard’ on a trip to Scotland. Because it is the most generic of UK stamps, I included the post mark.

If you Google Scottish Poets, more than 50 photos pop up. Of course, we all know Robert Burns and Robert Louis Stevenson.

In Edinburgh, I got to see the “Poetry for the Palace – Poet Laureate from Dryden to Duffy” exhibit at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Liz Lochhead was there. She signed her book for me.

I submitted my poem “Eddie” (about Edinburgh) to the Scottish Poetry Library. They accepted it and added it to their archive. Yah me!

See the World in a Poem

A book’s worth of something said
fitting on a single page,
half the width of a page.

Experiences expressed
Dreams shared
in a visceral, envisioned way.

Poetry is meant to be eaten
ingested and wondered upon,
felt in the heart and in the gut.

Poetry is a magic carpet
whisking us away
in a swirl
to a place, time, and freeze frame,
a new frame,
a different way of seeing.

How else
but in poetry
can we see, hear, feel, touch
and taste
a world,
run countless paths,
live as many lives
as our eyes and ears will carry us to.

See the World
in a poem.
Dawn at the Writers’ Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland

postcard from Scotland.jpg

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Aw Boombera Nuts

Lucky day 13 NaPoWriMo. This stamp is from my friend, Cara, who lives in Australia. Cara will always be in my heart. She and I met when she was on a project at the University of Oregon. We became fast friends in the few weeks we hung out. The next year, 2006, another dear friend and I visited Cara in Australia. We were three nuts traveling the Great Ocean Road. Now Cara has a gorgeous family, a singing career in band Six Foot Over, and good job using her physicist PhD.

For the poem, did you know that Macadamia nuts are native to Australia. Hawaii and South Africa grow them too but they’re originally Australian. One of the Aboriginal names for the nuts is Boombera. Enjoy the wise little poem!
Cara macadamia nut stamp 2
Aw Boombera Nuts

A nut for a nut
and always be a nut
for life is too short to grow up.
Keep that creamy innocent cheeky side
it will serve you well
when the tough stuff hits.
A nut forgives,
forgives himself
and rolls on.
So roll on sweet and salty,
roll on.

Dawn, Story, and Cara on the Great Ocean Road, Australia

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