About me

Welcome to Create the Dawn!

I am Dawn Anderson:
positive poet,
workshop facilitator,
traveler and
life adventurer.

My offerings for you:

+Books featuring collections of my positive poetry. As you can see from poking around this blog, my poetry is a mix of wit, wisdom, and wonder. The collections in my books offer that inspiration and an appreciation of the beauty right in front of us. These books contain my everyday poetry for everyday people. Gift them to yourself or friends and family.

+Custom poems for your life events. Hire me to be your personal poet. We will do an interview or email exchange to collect the details I’ll need to write your poem.  Custom poems can be for engagement, wedding, anniversary, birth, funeral, graduation, retirement, memoir, any event or memory important to you.  Click here to see examples of custom poems I have written.

+Follow my blog. Follow me to a happy, juicy life. Together we will write and create. We will teach and learn.  We will experience adventures and feed our healthy spirit.



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