A Clutch in the Woods

Spending more time in the woods during the COVID-19 social shutdown has so many benefits to mind, body, and spirit. You realize that you are part of nature, not apart from it. You see the cycle of the seasons, of life and death. Justice and fairness are human concepts that nature does not practice. While I cannot shake my human psyche, it does make me think more holistically to be a part of the woods.

A Clutch in the Woods

A Clutch in the Woods

A clutch in the woods
near a lovely ash tree.
The whistle of tending birds.
A baby squirrel following
his mother’s lead.
The woods are full of babies
of learning
of new life
and many deaths.

Why does the turkey lay 14 eggs?
Could the racoon and skunk
who prey upon them
eat nettles instead?

Life is a matter of chance
and nature does not mourn,
the master recycler
nothing is wasted
all has purpose
even the snake
and the mosquitos
who feed the bat
are gears in the wheel,
the turning wheel,
the ever-turning wheel
which does not stop for me.

I tend my purpose
until the day I to
will be recycled,
as is the way of things eternal.
I am no more
and no less
than a turkey egg
in the greater woods.


About createthedawn

Dawn’s calling is for her poetry to make our world a positive place. She believes in the power of poetry to process, to focus, to align, and to find our way to happiness and fulfillment. Thus, her pen-name is CreatetheDawn. Follow Dawn's work on this blog and in her books to help fill your world with wit, wisdom, and wonder.
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