Listening to Trees

Yesterday, we spent the day in the woods cutting up trees toppled by a storm last spring.  Being the “logging assistant,” I had time to play with the live trees between cutting and hauling.  Snuggling up to a beautiful tall tree, I made a wonderful discovery. When next you are in the woods on a windy winter  day, try this…

Listening to trees

Trees communicate you know.
They talk in the winter wind.
Standing together in the woods
their great bodies temper the gusts
only their spiny tops bend and bounce.

Put your ear against the trunk of a lively tree
you can hear their branches tapping together,
reverberating through their long fiber rings
down, down into their hibernating rootballs.

Their voices sound like underwater sonar,
whales of the land singing in their acre pods,
singing to the synergy of togetherness,
strength in walls of stems,
fostering their offspring saplings
cooing to them in the breeze
throughout the long winter.

The trees sing for me too
and block the cold wind
holding me in their midst
and in their mist
that calming essence
that only the trees can give.



About createthedawn

Dawn’s calling is for her poetry to “light the gloomy corners of the world.” She writes custom poems life events important to you. Dawn also facilitates writing workshops both online and face-to-face, is a dynamic speaker on inspiration, innovation, change, and healing. Dawn believes in the power of poetry to process, to focus, to align, and to find our way to happiness and fulfillment. Thus, her business and her blog are called: create the dawn.
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