Is There Beauty in all Struggle?

A poem from my recent Oregon trip to teach at the Oregon Poetry Association conference. Best part of the trip was three days with my sister hiking and kayaking in the Cascade Mountains.  Here is a poem that came from one of our hikes to Fawn and Pretty lakes.

Is There Beauty in all Struggle?

Mountain elevation,
harsh, beautiful.
Is there beauty
in all struggle?

The lodge pole pine
who beats the odds
stands tall
among the litter
of downed barkless brethren.
There is only so much
water in the thin soil.

If he could move, uproot,
and make his way
to a gentler, lusher climate,
would he go?
Would he leave the struggle,
the lichen,
leave the mountain views,
the blue, blue mountain lake,
leave the bright stars,
the cloudless  nights
for an easy life,
the perfect mix
of rain and sun
and thick, rich soil
in a far off land?
Would he go?

I say, it depends on love.


About createthedawn

Dawn’s calling is for her poetry to “light the gloomy corners of the world.” She writes custom poems life events important to you. Dawn also facilitates writing workshops both online and face-to-face, is a dynamic speaker on inspiration, innovation, change, and healing. Dawn believes in the power of poetry to process, to focus, to align, and to find our way to happiness and fulfillment. Thus, her business and her blog are called: create the dawn.
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