As eyesight fades

As eyesight fades

As eyesight fades
insight heightens.
We can see more clearly
the things worth seeing.

Does not your wife’s beauty
at 60
far outshine her beauty
at 20?
You see her,
not through your eyes,
but through love,
through trials and triumphs,
through her talents,
her uniqueness,
through her wisdom,
through your wisdom.

Is not the sunset more brilliant
when we know
we are merely a witness,
when we know
this is one fewer sunset
we will ever experience?

Mourn not the loss of eyesight.
Celebrate the growth of insight,
of character,
of gratitude,
of appreciation of the finite.


About createthedawn

Dawn’s calling is for her poetry to “light the gloomy corners of the world.” She writes custom poems life events important to you. Dawn also facilitates writing workshops both online and face-to-face, is a dynamic speaker on inspiration, innovation, change, and healing. Dawn believes in the power of poetry to process, to focus, to align, and to find our way to happiness and fulfillment. Thus, her business and her blog are called: create the dawn.
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