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From innocence
comes intuition

Is that true?
Does experience cloud intuition?
Is the pure heart
the best barometer
or is a muddied heart
the more discerning predictor?

Maybe it’s the thinking mind
that gets in the way of divination.
Our heads talk us out of our instincts,
we hear our grade school teachers
and Sunday school preacher’s
prejudices and rules overriding
the ancient knowledge in our guts.

Maybe our DNA has the knowledge
of our ancestor’s residually attached.
The hard lessons of our lineage
are our sixth sense,
a sense accessible if we listen.

Notice those flutterings in your belly
and when the small hairs
on your neck stand up.
Notice that tingling,
those little shivers
in your body
or when your feet don’t want to go
where they are told.
quiet the mind and listen.

Intuition may indeed come from innocence,
innocence of the mind coupled with
the ancient wisdom of the body.


About createthedawn

Dawn’s calling is for her poetry to “light the gloomy corners of the world.” She writes custom poems life events important to you. Dawn also facilitates writing workshops both online and face-to-face, is a dynamic speaker on inspiration, innovation, change, and healing. Dawn believes in the power of poetry to process, to focus, to align, and to find our way to happiness and fulfillment. Thus, her business and her blog are called: create the dawn.
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